Real New England Weddings: Arnold Arboretum

Sarah Loyd & John Tietze
August 8, 2008
Arnold Arboretum & Les Zygomates, Boston

Photographs By Ashley O’Dell

It was love at first "strike" for North Enders Sarah Loyd and John Tietze, who met at fencing club practice at the University of Minnesota. "We were each other’s toughest opponents," says Sarah. For their unconventional ceremony at the Arnold Arboretum, Sarah, a comparative studies grad student, made her own dress; John, who studies philosophy at Boston University, wore a tie sewn from the same bright fabric. "Red is passionate, which is what we wanted for our wedding," Sarah says. To wit, she also wore a crimson birdcage veil and red wine–colored lipstick.

As the pair prepared for marriage, neither person wanted to compromise his or her identity by assuming the other’s name. So they chose to share a new moniker—the English translation of the Welsh word from which Sarah’s maiden name originated. And so it was that, in a ceremony amid the trees, the couple in red became Mr. and Mrs. Grey. 

The File

Arnold Arboretum, 617-524-1718,
Reception: Les Zygomates, 617-542-5108,
Gown: Sarah sewed the gown herself using dupioni silk from
Menswear: Suit from Banana Republic,; tie sewn by Sarah
Cake: Provided by Les Zygomates
Flowers: Sarah bought the roses from and arranged the bouquets herself
Officiant: Rev. Carolyn Dittes, 617-495-5987
Limousine: Antique Limousine, 781-715-1922,


 Mr. and Mrs. Grey.




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