Rocking in the Old World

At 85 members strong, Brookline’s A Besere Velt is the world’s largest Yiddish chorus, and one that requires of its members neither auditions nor claims to a Jewish birthright. It is, in short, a group as quirky as the language it celebrates. To commemorate its 10th anniversary, on 12/4, A Besere Velt (Yiddish for "a better world") will perform at the 900-seat Somerville Theatre alongside the Klezmatics, winners of a 2006 Grammy for an album fusing klezmer music and the lyrics of Woody Guthrie-a concert that will see the chorus giving a rare English performance. Craziness! Or, sorry: Meshuggeneh!

mit 85 zinger, der Bruklayner khor "A Besere Velt" is der grester yidisher khor af der gorer velt. men farhert nit di nay-gekumene zinger un men fodert bay zey nit keyn yidishn yikhes-briv. kurts-di grupe iz azoy eygnartik vi di shprakh vos zi bazingt. dem fertn detsember vet "A Besere Velt" praven zayn tsentn yubeley mit a kontsert in dem Somervil Teater (mit 900 pletser farn oylem) beshutfes mit der barimter grupe "Klezmatics," vos hot bakumen a Grammy in 2006 far zayn rekordirung, vos hot tsunoyfgeshmoltsn klezmer muzik mit di lidtekstn fun Woody Guthrie. baym kontsert vet men genisn fun a zeltnkeyt-der khor vet zingen af English. A vilde zakh! oder: a meshugas!