Secret Santa (With People You'd Actually Want to Play With)

Grand (home shop)

RECEIVED: (from Lauren Genatossio) Marshmallow Fluff photo. "If you grow up in New England, you grow up with Fluff. Fluff T-shirts are one of the highest-selling things at our store. I’ll frame it and hang it in the store, but I won’t sell it!"

REALLY WANTS: "To go back to the Tabacón resort in Costa Rica-it’s the only place I’ve seen real flowing lava." (Roundtrip airfare for two, $1,200-$1,400, US Airways; five-night stay, $1,600, Tabacón)

GAVE TO: Rachel Miller Munzer
Antler rack. "Chefs work massively long hours and are on their feet so much. After a long day, she needs somewhere to hang her coat and apron." (Rack Oh Deer, $50, Lekker)


Hungry Mother (restaurant)

RECEIVED: Antler rack.
"It’s so cool and funky. We have an eclectic design in our house, so it would fit right in."

REALLY WANTS: "This neat bench and cushion, made by my friends over at Vessel. It’s multifunctional and would be useful in my house." (Squat bench, $229-$399, and Flop cushion, $60, Vessel)

GAVE TO: David Vendetti
ICA membership. "David and his partner’s business is to help other people unwind, and this will provide a different way for them to unwind. Plus, the ICA is right down the street from the studio." (Dual membership, $95, Institute of Contemporary Art)


South Boston Yoga

RECEIVED: ICA membership. "Fantastic! I never find time for myself, so it would be so inspiring to spend an afternoon there and leave filled up with beautiful imagery."

REALLY WANTS: "We need a studio mascot, and a French bulldog would be the perfect yoga companion to help demonstrate unconditional love, downward dog, and deep resting." (French bulldog puppy, $1,800-$2,500, Boston Kennels)

GAVE TO: Jessica Lynn
Dinner at North End raw-food restaurant Grezzo. "I’d love to introduce her to this place because she’s a trendsetter and it’s really hot to be into raw food right now." (Gift certificate, $100, Grezzo)


Leokadia (shoe boutique)

RECEIVED: Dinner at Grezzo. "It’s so trendy, and I’ve seriously been wanting to check it out."

REALLY WANTS: "To get three of my friends together and be Michael Schlow’s sous-chef for a day at Via Matta. Holidays are about giving, so why not share my gift with my favorite people at my favorite restaurant?" ($2,000 per couple, Via Matta)

GAVE TO: Babak Bina
Wine aerator. "This aerator minimizes decanting time, so it’s perfect for a wine connoisseur who’s very busy." (Vinturi wine aerator, $40, Crate & Barrel)


Bina Osteria/Bina Alimentari (restaurant/market)

RECEIVED: Wine aerator. "Like any consumer out there, I fall for the promise of a delightful shortcut. Since I spend all day and evening fussing over guests, I want to make things simple at home."

REALLY WANTS: Personal assistant. "I know that asking for more time with my family is an impossibility, so this is the next best thing." (Personal assistant service, $47 per hour, Fini Concierge)

GAVE TO: Keara Sexton
French press. "From a seasoned business owner to a newbie, I know that there will be many late nights ahead for Keara." (Bodum double-wall French press, $90, Williams-Sonoma)


Oak (craft boutique)

RECEIVED: French press. "I’m a big coffee drinker, and now I don’t have to leave the store when it snows in the winter!"

REALLY WANTS: "A new serger overlock machine with zillions of different stitches and embroidery patterns would make my sewing life so much easier." (Janome 1200D serger, $1,900, Sewing & Vacuum Center)

GAVE TO: Dean Mellen
Super Scrabble. "Dean’s always flying cross-country to do hair. He needs a low-key night of fun at home with his friends, and a game of Scrabble would be the perfect activity." (Super Scrabble Deluxe Edition, $50, Barnes & Noble)


95 Newbury (salon)

RECEIVED: Super Scrabble. "I have a special friend who lives for Scrabble, so all I do is play! It’s definitely honed my vocabulary, and now with the Deluxe Scrabble set, I’ll learn even more."

REALLY WANTS: "A room at the Veranda House on Nantucket to enjoy the annual Christmas stroll with friends and family." ($129-$589, the Veranda House)

GAVE TO: Teresa Fung
A signed copy of Bloom by Paul Solberg, and stationery. "I want to share the innovative images in this book with Teresa. And despite the ease of e-mails, I think a handwritten note is much more personal." (Bloom, $30, Borders; holiday folds, $60, Mrs. John L. Strong at Louis Boston)


Mimosa Fresh Flower Design

RECEIVED: Photography book, stationery. "What a thoughtful gift. I love stationery, and the cards are such a stylish thank-you. I’m also always on the lookout for cool coffee-table books, and this one definitely displays flowers in a unique way."

REALLY WANTS: Bianchi Milano bike. "I love the retro Italian design-it’s perfect for zipping around the side streets in the South End." ($500-$750, Community Bicycle Supply)

GAVE TO: Lauren Genatossio
Two tickets to Sleeping Beauty at Boston Ballet. "I often find inspiration in watching another artist at work in a different medium-the ballet is such a lush, colorful palette." ($25-$115 each, Telecharge)


Sarra (makeup studio)

RECEIVED: Boston Ballet tickets. "I did ballet through high school. She nailed it! And every makeup artist loves a good princess."

REALLY WANTS: Private yoga instruction. "My hectic schedule rarely fits with a gym or yoga studio but makes me a perfect candidate for the benefits of yoga." ($75 per hour, North End Yoga)

GAVE TO: Jon O’Toole
Marshmallow Fluff photograph. "I did some digging on the Union Square area and found out that Marshmallow Fluff was invented right by Jon’s store. I immediately thought of my favorite local photographer Tim Gilman and his awesome Ode to Fluff." ($75 and up, Tim Gilman Studio Worldwide)