Bostonista: The Prodigy Wears Prada

Seventeen-year-old Olivia Fialkow of Newton wants to be clear about something. Yes, she has a blog; no, she’s no Gossip Girl. Since its launch in August, FRIENDS & LOVERS ( has covered fashion, concerts, and afterschool antics as seen through the eyes of Olivia and her friends, with photo collages in which they star—and exhaustively annotate what they’re wearing—as well as written posts and videos in which she does things like give tours of her closet. One glance at her blog proves she’s anything but an average high school kid: The artsy self-portraits look plucked from European fashion magazines and reveal a playful yet urbane sense of style that’s well beyond her years. Big on mixing high-end with vintage and cheap chic, the Cambridge School of Weston junior is nobody’s billboard, though. "I think it’s weird to see people, especially young people, dripping in labels," she says.

Friends & Lovers has started to attract an audience as cosmopolitan as its founder, with online visitors hailing from Saudi Arabia to Sydney. Clothing companies have even sent Fialkow free footwear in hopes of seeing them show up on her blog. "My dad [Newton venture capitalist David Fialkow] really gets a kick out of it," she says of how her blog has taken off. But it seems all the fuss is lost on her mom, Nina, a fashion plate herself. "She doesn’t really know how to use a computer!"


Twenty8Twelve jacket "It’s Sienna Miller’s label. I usually don’t go for a celebrity line, but I like hers." … Madewell dress … Vintage necklaces "I bought the pearl one for $1.50 at a flea market, then had it appraised—and they’re real!" … Wolford and H&M tights "I’m not a tights snob. I wear a lot from CVS." … Miu Miu boots "I asked my mother to borrow them so many times that she eventually just gave them to me!"

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