Counsel Requests the Right to Appeal

Smokin’-hot lawyer Wendy Savage defends her buzzy turn as a pinup.

Four Other Relatively Steamy Charity Calendars in Recent Hub History


Cambridge Uncovered

In this 2004 fundraiser for Cambridge Community Television, 16 town notables (among them former gubernatorial candidate Robert Reich) bared heart, soul, and various other parts.

Copies sold: 2,000.

Money raised: “We really just broke even, unfortunately,” says CCTV executive director Susan Fleischmann.


Guys for Eyes

Since 2006, the annual Guys for Eyes calendar has positioned 12 local hunks from various fields—chefs, personal trainers, doctors—as eye candy in the name of retina research.

Copies sold: Approximately 4,800 to date.

Money raised: More than $10,000.


Massachusetts Firefighters

For this year’s inaugural calendar, a dozen sizzling firemen from Boston, Brockton, Lynn, and Somerville posed bare-chested to benefit Habitat for Humanity.

Copies sold: About 1,800 so far.

Money raised: $15,000-plus.


Boston Student Body

The “hottest university girls in town” sat, scantily clad, for this 2007–2008 calendar shot by a Maxim vet to raise money for breast cancer advocacy.

Copies sold: 2,000.

Money raised: The project’s website says that 20 percent of the proceeds from the calendars, which sold for $5, went to charity.


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