This winter, we take a shine to exceptionally designed chairs and sparkling modern lamps.

| Boston Magazine |

THIN LIFE  The svelte leather 568 armchair and footstool are streamlined yet super-comfortable. $8,170, Rolf Benz.

INDIE PENDANT  Dangling crystals add flirtatious whimsy to a hanging lamp. Scheherazade, $1,800, Chimera.

GOOD CHEMISTRY  The unconventional use of Pyrex tubes lets this candelabra double as a vase. Mistic, $1,375, Louis Boston.

WILD THING  Dyed deer hide makes an untamed style statement. $1,590, D Scale.

ON BASE  The 1970s are alive and well in this leather and wood chair. Vintage B&B Italia, $1,600, D Scale.

HANG TIME  Pod-shaped matte glass lights deliver splashes of color. Lucile, white, $270, and orange, $290, Ligne Roset.

IN THE HOT SEAT  This starship-like chair is a sure conversation starter. Terminal 1, $13,436, Montage.

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