The Metric: Taking a measured view of the news

Her campaign pitch was “Dianne delivers,” and that she did. (We don’t mean liquor licenses—another story entirely, to which we all know the ending.) From 2004 to 2008, the state senator from Roxbury secured more money via earmarks for her Boston district than any of her counterparts in the city’s delegation, using budget amendments for causes both noble and picayune and setting the benchmark, for better or worse, by which successor Sonia Chang-Díaz will be judged after taking office this month.


Parks and Public Spaces: $7,384,000
1, 2    Roxbury skating rinks and pool: $3,529,500 x 2
3    Roxbury Heritage State Park: $100,000
4    Southwest Corridor Park (lighting, repairs, and hiring horticulturist): $225,000

METCO: $3,000,000
5–7    $1,000,000 x 3

Anti-crime Initiatives: $725,000
8    Providing local housing authorities access to criminal offense information: $75,000
9    Grant program to prevent youth violence: $500,000
10    Special homicide grand jury: $150,000

UMass: $700,000
11, 12    William Monroe Trotter Institute: $350,000 x 2

Minority Community Groups: $700,000
13, 14 Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción “Pathways to Technology”: $100,000 x 2
15    Mass Alliance for small, minority-owned, and women-owned businesses: $500,000

Job Training: $675,000
16, 17    Radius Specialty Hospital technology tutorials for employees: $300,000 x 2
18    Job-training initiatives at healthcare institutions: $75,000

Women and Children: $499,925

19    Latinas y Niños (hiring educator for Latina women and their children at drug/alcohol rehab center): $99,925
20    Aid to Incarcerated Mothers: $100,000
21    Women’s Career Mentoring Program: $200,000
22    YWCA Boston wellness program for girls affected by healthcare disparities: $100,000

Veterans: $402,471
23,Veterans Benefit Clearinghouse in
24    Roxbury: $228,771 & $173,700

Gays and Lesbians: $300,000

25    Commission on gay/lesbian youth for school health programs: $200,000
26    Violence-prevention education to support gay and lesbian students: $100,000

27    Museum of African American History: $250,000
28 Hynes and Boston Common Parking Garage Commission: $80,000

NOTE: Data was collected from state Senate amendment records, final General Court budget bills, and gubernatorial veto records.