Carbo Loading

Gitlo’s Dim Sum
Char siu bao (fluffy barbecue pork bun)

Scampo (Beacon Hill)
Anything baked in that glorious wood-burning oven

Tamarind Bay
(Cambridge and Brookline)
Vegetable biryani with a side of garlic naan

Antico Forno

(North End)
Linguine with clams

Marco (North End)
Fedelini with tomatoes

Neptune Oyster
(north end)
Risotto of the day (Sundays only)

Trattoria il Panino
(North End)
Spaghetti with garlic and oil

Myers + Chang
(South End)
Dan dan noodles

(Theater District)
Fettucelle with Gulf shrimp, cherry tomatoes,
bread crumbs, and garlic