• Matthew

    This is the very reason I tell my three kids not to look up to athletes. Dustin should be ashamed of himself for those comments and his family who has made a life here in Woodland should be ashamed of him. He is angry that the local newspaper ran a story about his brother being arrested for child molestation, which I'm sure is why he didn't tell that to your reporter. It's sad that he has verbally trashed an entire town, including the newspaper, that has supported him without question over the years. I'm sure all of those coaches, parents and sports writers appreciate your comments. I hope now people realize that Pedroia is really just an overpaid jerk that plays a child's game for a living and not someone to look up to. He can keep his money, I'll keep my wonderful town!Enjoy your time at the top I'm sure we'll see you on your way down Dustin.

  • peter

    What a jerk! Not much to "look up to," now! But plenty to look down on. I didn't know @&!? could be stacked that high (or short).

  • peter

    All hail to the king!

  • jim

    Woodland isn't the greatest place but it was and is a youth baseball mecca that provided this ego maniac with a platform for success. Thanks for crushing thousands of kids that worship you…and for making Jorge Bell look good….moron. polish you trophy…you're one shoulder twinge from being Tony Torcato and you know it.

  • Katie

    I am a 16 year old student at Woodland High School. I do not know Dustin Pedroia along with most of the town but we all have supported him and his success. We wear boston hats and shirts with his name on them. Every game we have watched him play and cheered him on. You don't know how much of a disapointment this has come to us… Talking shit about our little town who has supported and loved you is just wrong. I'm sorry your too good for us now. Woodland is not a dump its just an average all American town. If your talking shit about us because of your brother, thats completely wrong. Honestly, what he has done is his own fault and it is no reason to bring us all into it. I hope your happy with your carrer, every person in Woodland and especially the High Schools students here are completely disapointed. We all really looked up to Dustin Pedroia.

  • Fred

    Your hometown has supported you and your family for many years. Your brother gets arrested for child molesting and you take it out on those same supporters. You have done more damage to the familybusiness than your brother & Costco could ever do.The article mentions a Northern California baseballplayer named "Joe DiMaggio". He was a class act andgreat baseball player. A status you will never achieve………..

  • Tina

    So you think Woodland is a dump. It's sad that you feel the need to bad the town in which you were born and raised. And more so since your parents still live in Woodland. Don't you think that they are going through enough having to deal with your brother's molestation charge. You had the whole town of Woodland supporting you in your baseball career unfortunately now your big mouth on that pint size body of yours destroyed that. For all we care you can stay in Boston. You Gnome looking Mother F&$*&^And you can quote me on that!

  • Lynn

    We had such high hopes for Dustin Pedroia. I moved to Woodland the same year he was born. Followed his High School and College career and took pride with the rest of the community in his many accomplishments. My wife and I would tell each other how refreshing it was to see a local boy make good and just be a good kid too. You never heard anything bad about him; no salary disputes, off field shenanigans, etc. And Now he comes out and slams his hometown which has done nothing but support him his whole damn life. The local diner has his pictures all over the wall and press clippings over the cash register. I met his grandmother there not long ago when I had lunch there. He is now an embarassment to the community and he's proved that even a small town boy with good up-bringing can get his head turned by big money and hero worship. He's no hero to me now. I could care less if he gets another hit or whether he gets sent to the minors. I was getting tickets to see the Red Sox and

  • steve

    Dustin Pedroia: the new Ty Cobb! Enjoy.

  • Martin

    So So sad to have something confirmed in such a big way. I have been told that he was cocky and sure enough he is. To talk so badly about your hometown just shows how stupid you are. This is the town that bread you and your skills. The town that has a very good ball program. To talk about a town that pretty much produced you and call it "trash" is just beyond stupid. This is the same town in which his parents have a business? If I were living there I would put out a huge notice to stop patronizing the business and make the parents realize how they have failed in the raising of their little piece of "Sh_t"

  • Lynn

    Oakland A's but I think I'lkl just keep muhy money in my pocket now. You blew it you ungrateful little prick. This town is too good for you. Don't expect any warm welcome here when you come back to see your parents or your pedophile brother.We are all ashamed of you now.

  • Alice

    This is the same jerk I grew up with. Hasn't changed a bit. Well, yes, he has fame and money. None the less, still only out for himself and what HE wants. No matter how many people he needed to use to get there. Yes, his size was always a factor, but not because everyone made it so, but because HE did. His talent out shadowed his short 5'7 stature. He's mad at his hometown and newspaper because of the accusations against his brother. He's entitled to his feelings, but to trash the entire community because he didn't like what the paper wrote or what some said or thought is selfish and childish. I see he's still throwing tantrums,but the difference here is that he has fame, money and now CRUSHED the many that did support him. I feel bad for all of the young athletes in our community that looked up to him. To them I say see him for what he is "HUMAN". He is not a hero, idol or God. He may have inspired many to strive to be a great athlete, but learn to do it with class. He i

  • Don

    I moved to Sacramento in November of 1986 (a couple of weeks after the ball went through Buckner's legs) and worked at the now-defunct Valley Media in Woodland from 1999-2001, so I, myself, have spent some time in Woodland. Perhaps Woodland isn’t the posh suburb with all the amenities; it’s your basic gritty (Sacramento) Valley town, complete with right and wrong sides of the tracks. But even so, regardless of how tightly wound up and/or brutally honest one might be, there are certain things about which one shouldn’t open one’s pie-hole and spew all kinds of invective for public consumption, and one’s hometown is one of those things. That's especially after all of the unconditional support that Pedroia has received from said hometown, over the years, and when his parents are the pillars of the community that his folks are and have been for years. Looks like success may have started to go to Pedroia's head a little bit; too bad if that's the case.

  • Jim

    Kids these days. I say spring training should include mandatory player training on following the Joe DiMaggio / Willie Mays model of "class." Yeah, you've gotta have talent — but it takes more than that to be a legend. What it takes is "remembering": Remembering where you came from, and how those places brought you to where you are now. Remembering what it's like to be a kid in love with the game, and looking up to a hero. Remembering what a positive (or negative) difference a few words from a hero can make in your life. Like it or not, Dustin — and ready or not — you're in the spotlight now. People are listening. Basically, you hit a nasty foul. Now it's time for another swing, a good one, and this one straight and true. I think you're up to it. Let's get out there now and show some class.

  • Gary

    Pedroia is a typical jock at his level. To perform and excel to his level requires complete self absorption and that fact alone disqualifies anything he says about anything but baseball. The story about Pedroia being angry at his high school coach for mentioning a good player/leader on another team is a classic example of why we should not care what he is quoted as saying. Enjoy the young man's performance on the ball field and forget the rest. Woodland is a great town, his coach seems to have been a good mentor and Pedroia’s opinions are just the ravings of a young blowhard paranoid egomaniac and not worth our consideration. We can only pray that the young man may humble with the wisdom of age; for his own sake.

  • Alice

    We, your HOMETOWN, are done with you Dustin. Good luck.

  • Greg

    Just remember this Mr. Pedroia. In a 100 years , Woodland will still be here…Will you or your memory? I doubt it after those comments.

  • Helen

    Call me gullible but the Dustin WE know was either pulling Boston Magazine writer's leg, or just unhappy because of what he thinks about the town's reaction to his brother's problem. The Dustin WE know still invites his high school coach for NY Eve party in Arizona to his HOME, yeah, 4 months ago! He signs balls, pix, bats, shirts for his high school baseball auction every year. The Dustin WE know is sweet, and humble. So sorry that your publication is going nationwide. Woodland's a nice town. No worse than Boston. & we loved Boston, too, when we visited 🙂

  • M

    Ah Spanky… Been a fan of yours since Little League Indians. Watched you at Clark field. Yelled my ass off at Oakland last year for you. You had love coast to coast. You are damn good and damn lucky to stay so healthy. Remember, your one big stud away (from trying to break up two) from landing on the disabled list. I still respect your talent but I am disappointed in your comments. Good luck this year, Karma can be a real bitch.

  • Don

    I'm taking over/under's on how long it will be before Pedroia issues the used-and-abused "I was misquoted" or "My comments were taken out of context" type of statement. Welcome to the big time, Dustin, in which one HAS to watch what one says to media types. You wnated to be a star, did you? Be careful what you wish for; you might get it.

  • jim

    Go F-K yourself you half pint down syndrome looking bald at 24 lawn gnome. Same punk-ass Bit-h boy that went to high school here. Always out for yourself, always had the "short man's anger". You've become an overnight disgrace to Woodland. Your parents who have been treated like the royal family won't be…you've done nothing but bring pain by running your mouth. Grow up.

  • John

    If you think Woodland's a dump, do all of us a favor and don't come back you piece of crap! Anyone that reads this should stop doing business at his parents business. You are the worst role model this town could ever have supported. I hope your career goes down the toilet, your team mates beat the crap out of you or preferably BOTH.

  • Lynn

    "I come from your town. You should embrace me. I play for the Boston Red Sox. You haven't had a lot of major-leaguers come out of your city."Marie, these don't sound like the words of a sweet humble kid. I think you have your blinders on. So what if he signs a few balls, pix, and bats for his high school auction every year…. small price to pay for a 40 million dollar paycheck and key to the freakin' cit of Boston. Now that he's made it to the top he doesn't care about anyone else and if you think he does you are only fooling yourself. read the comments from those who went to school with him. He's shown himself to be a self-centered ego-maniac who is willing to throw his whole town under the bus because he didn't like it that his pedophile brother is being put on trial. How would he feel if it was hid daughter or son who was molested. Would it be ok if it was done by the brother of a big leaguer ? Would he blame the town rather than the molester. Dustin, you've shamed

  • Lynn

    I won't support him, his team, his parent's tire store or any other business that proudly puts his picture on the wall as though he is some sort of local hero. He is a zero. I hope his parents store goes out of business, his brother get's put away where he belongs and that he goes into a batting slump for the rest of the season. Little bastard is an embarrassment to our town. We should embrace you ??? Ha, we should run you out of town on a rail if you ever show your sorry ass in this town again.

  • jenifer

    I am so sad by what has been said. I was born and raised in woodland. Left 20 yrs ago but my whole family lives there and let me tell you….They ALL love him.Its a HUGE baseball town.My nephews love him and they will be crushed. Dustin you have to love baseball as a kid and you will and have crushed MANY kids love for the game…I read this morning about the Angels Pitcher who was killed by a drunk driver last night and think "WOW" that could be you tomorrow . All of us from woodland would just remember what an A@s you are and that is just so sad.Think real hard about what you say before you say it. I know you are mad because of your brother but think about the kids that you are hurting and ALL who have supported you.

  • Gary

    Dustin Pedroia is another example of an ungrateful, overpaid punk who can't control his mouth. I hope his father kicks his ass when he sees him next. Fast ball in the earhole Dustin, or spikes to the knee and you are done. I am sure it is coming you punk. You and your brother are cut from the same cloth. Stay in Boston with the drug dealers and whores!

  • Don

    To PedroiaH8er: Disparage Pedroia for his comments all you want because if I was from Woodland, I'd be pretty sore at him today, too. But unless you've ever been to Boston and spent an appreciable amount of time there, don't be blasting the city because someone who plays for one of its pro sports teams can't keep his mouth shut and avoid the veritable minefields that are some media types, these days. In other words, unless you've experienced the subject first-hand, don't be running smack about $#!+ that you don't know. At the least, when I make any judgments about Woodland, they're based on my having spemt some time there and working there for a couple of years earlier this decade.

  • Carol

    As a Woodland resident with 2 boys who play baseball here I am saddened by Dustin's remarks. I don't know his parents or brother but as this is a small town I have many friends who do. They are known by all to be wonderful people. Woodlander's are smart enough not to blame them for Dustin's attitude or remarks.His brother will be considered innocent until proven guilty…that's what a "Hometown" does, they support one another. The real heartbreak is the local kids who looked up to Dustin as a role model, Little League recently even renamed one of their fields "Pedroia Field",I guess he's probably insulted by that too.My sons used to take pride in announcing they played Little League on the same field as Dustin had. Even sadder was after hearing Dustin's remarks on the local news, my 11 year old Little League player asked me to remove the Pedroia bumper stickers from our car and wants his previously beloved Pedroia jersey given to Goodwill. Dustin's bitter attitude is sad to see, especi

  • Pissed

    So sad to see that a professional who has come up in the world would act like this. What a role model for our children. You say Woodland is a "dump" how about all those people who supported you while you were just beginning your career, all those team moms who helped you out, all those coaches who gave you a hand, and yes they were all from WOODLAND, CA. Have to hand it to you, you have really SCREWED UP!! But most of all feel sorry for your parents, all the crap you and your brother have put them through.

  • Janessa

    All of you are so funny, he's not talking shit about you it's about what Woodland has turned into. Quit taking it so personal. He's not the only one that has talked about Woodland being a shit whole, I know hundreds that agree with him. I know he's now a role model but he's also human, he shouldn't have talked about Woodland the way he did and now all of you guys are over reacting. Teach your kids people make mistakes and that they shouldn't worship the guy just look up to him and his talents. You guys are proving to people around the world that Woodland does actually suck because of a comment he made about the land not the people!

  • Ashleigh

    Dustin you have been the same since high school, short and cocky. Woodland may not be your favorite place or mine for that matter but you wouldn't be where you are without it. Money has only made you more self-righteous. To bad it hasn't help with your balding and height. Good luck and good riddance.

  • jim

    You are retarded. He wasnt talking about property or rows of corn. He was talking directly about the people and the culture of the town (made by ….tada! the people you dipshit).If the police didn't have enough juice behind their reasons to arrest his brother on 4 counts…not 1 incident or misunderstanding but 4 counts of child molestation, they wouldn't have done their jobs…yes their jobs and arrested his butt. If he's pissed because Brett got treated like any other citizen then tough. 4 counts gang….4. count them. If they were your children, would you be cool with it because it's some pro players brother? So the paper ran a story. They never once mentioned Dustin OR his parents who own a business there. Overall they were pretty kind to the kid.careful with your ACL Dustin. hope it doesnt snap.buy some rogaine

  • RJ

    Dude I use to say the same thing all the time. But the only difference is that I did not sign a deal for $40.5 mil to stay out of town. I am back and i enjoy Woodland and it has been good to me and my family. It is a great place to raise kids. I think what is trying to said here is that he hates the Daily Democrat…. I agree with that.

  • Janessa

    This isn't about his brother you dumb ass, that's unfortunate because people have that to throw in his face. He is NOT talking shit about the people, his family and friends still live in Woodland. It's about the town and what it's turned into. The Daily democrat has mentioned it in the past of how it's changing…I couldn't wait to get out of Woodland either for more opportunity.

  • Carol

    especially when he has so much to be grateful for. He wants Boston to be his "Hometown", be careful what you wish for.

  • Janessa

    Well put Woodland mom

  • jim

    Anyone still living here knows he's hacked about his brother being arrested and the article in the paper. That's why he specifically commented about the paper..wake up.Gary Traynham wrote nothing but glowing praises of this douche bag on his way up.

  • Lloyd

    The remark about Woodland is only a small piece of the puzzle. If you read this whole story and didn't pass out from the overwhelming aroma of unbelievable arrogance and douchebaggery, you just weren't paying attention. The funny thing is that the writer seemed to be trying to write a positive piece about his "scrappiness" or whatever, but a tool is a tool is a tool. Put lipstick on a piece of shit and it will still stink.

  • Ted

    they have character,and I say after running around for 12 hour with full armor and battle rattle,if you want love…get a puppy…for now…suck it up and drive on..I hope you understand how young,and childish you sound…that's all I have to say!

  • Lloyd

    GREAT POST SARGE. Thank you for your service. I'd buy you a beer at that 7-11.

  • Lynn

    Maybe they should change the name of the Little League field to Pompous Ass field. I'll be contacting the local LL and city officials with a request that it be re-named. Maybe re-name it for someone who has actually done something for the town rather than for themselves.

  • Ted

    You know,when you've been gone awhile,sometimes that's all you can think of is home,and facing people shooting at you,well we may not get the big bucks and we do have to leave our family for a year..but,there is nothing like seeing the fields at the city limits and rolling down main st to stop for a beer or the luxury of a 7-11 open at night..you kind of miss these things,I had to go around the world,to find out what it was I would miss…and there really is no place like home…for a dump,We sure have a good baseball program,have sent Guys like Mike Griffin,Dave Crutcher,Tony Torcato and more to the majors,plus the little league world series champs,what's our population again?,some to the Olympics,lately and over the years,.and barring injury,they all return home someday,so…I feel sorry for you,I can think of a few battalions of guys I left over there (Iraq)that would love to have an nth of what you have,but what they lack in money or the skill to hit a ball with a stick,they hav

  • jim

    cuz too many know he's in the closet

  • Lloyd

    When he comes out with the inevitable phony apology or attempts to say he was "taken out of context" or "misquoted" or whatever, don't be fooled and don't EVER let him back in your good graces. I'm not from Woodland but if I was I'd be down at that field right now with some sign-removin' equipment in the back of my truck. What a little toad.

  • jim

    Douche-ton,You're nothing. A kid that played ball well. Compared to the 4 Oakland PD officers and 3 Pittsburgh Police Officers killed in the past month, your pathetic excuse for ability is dwarfed (pun intended) only by your incredibly big, useless, mouth. By the way what hotel are you staying at this weekend while you're in sunny Nor Cal to play the A's?

  • Evett

    Well ol boy, or rather, pathetically immature brat, you have fallen off the turnip truck haven't you? Shame on you to critise the very community that had a big part in getting you where you are today. Ask yourself, could I have gotten here without the dedication and support of dumpy Woodland and the many people there who have supported me along my baseball journey? This community has been able to separate you from your brother Bret, obviously you can't! You aren't overcoming adversity (your memoir). What you do suffer from is an over-inflated ego and an over-active and disconnected imagination. Our military men and women overcome adversity every day. Our nearby citizens living in tent city are overcoming adversity each sunrise and sunset. Get over yourself Dustin Who but don't look west for home sweet home, it's no longer yours. Fame doesn't last forever, I hope you've invested well!

  • Evett

    Integrity makes the person and you have none. You are and have always been spoiled. Now that you are almost all grown up, you still don't know how to behave do you Dustin whittle boy? You have failed the very people who actually cared about you, you have failed your family and you have failed yourself. Time passes but people don't forget. Your remarks will continue to spin long after your balls have hit the ass-tro-turf.

  • Tina

    Respect isn't something you have to fight for but it is a gift received for one given. Proverbs 16:18 Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before the fall. I was disgusted at Pedroias remarks but happy to see all the supportive comments for our town of Woodland.

  • Evett

    Why slam the community of Woodland Dustin and specifically the Daily Democrat when with one google search I found glaring at me reports on the other disgusting brother at the following sites: Mahalo.com, News10, The Sporting Blog, San Francisco Chronicle, KCRA and wait for it, oh wait for it…The BOSTON Globe. What an ignorent f!@k sir Dustin is. Kids, my black lab is a much better quality mammal than DP can ever convince himself he is.

  • Liz

    Never forget your roots. Woodlanders are very proud to be from here–you should be, too. We still love you, Dustin, but, please, support your family and your fans & forget the anger. We know that you are better than this. My family will always be your fans & hope that you will 'come home again'. I work with guys that you went to High school with, and we're all pulling for you to remember 'the good ole days' and Woodland, CA proud of you once again!!

  • Evett

    Ma? Yeah Pa? That ther rascally SOB Opie dun said poor words bout our little community. Gosh Pa, what a shame and cold hearted spirit that rat turd of a child is. Now Pa, let's fix us up some vittels, sit a spell and do our best not to think too long bout the little bastard. Ants walk taller than he ever will.

  • R

    The timing of Dustin's comments could not be worse. He just pissed off the entire jury pool that may decide if his brother is guilty or innocent of child molestation. Not very smart! Of course Dustin has never been accused of having intelligence. I hope is family publicly expresses disappointment and rejects his comments.

  • mark

    It's people like your brother dustin that makes it stink!!!

  • Wendell

    Fisrt, Bigsarge Next time I am in town drinks are on me at the Stag!! After 18 years in the military and tours all over the world I have seen the worst towns this world has to offer. Woodland, however, is a wonderful place. It is close to the ocean and the mountains at the same time, it is near my beloved A's, the Giants, 49ers, Raiders, Kings and so much more. I have driven 300 plus miles to watch the Wolves play ball. It is sad that Mr. Pedroia would turn on his home town. These are the hard working folks who raised him, who coached him who supported him, the very reason he is where he is today. Mr. Pedroia, you are the new shame of the MLB, you have forgotten where you came from as you spit in the faces of the people that loved you and supported you. I feel for your your parents for they have been shamed by both of their sons!!!

  • krishan

    Stay your a** away from woodland. We don’t want you and you cant even thank the people who made you what you are. your families name is degrading itself. Your brother is in trouble with the law for CHILD molestation and you think your a big hot shot. A-ROD has more value in life then you will ever Dustin. You will never ever be as great as we thought of you. Look for new fans cause I know woodland don’t want you here. I only in High School and I sit in the same classrooms you did. Your name is posted everywhere. This town looks wait LOOKED up to you. I hope you read this and realize that you just hurt your families business and as one comment said your brothers case. Well to tell you the truth I kind of want to just piss on your jersey. So dusty you piece of s***, go screw yourself you big baby. And hey just some advice go spend some of that money on hair plugs baldy. And stay away from steroids it will just make you look more tinier then you are.

  • Evett

    Dusty, dirty worthless dusty – you have now been added to the definition of the acronym FUBAR under wiki (or wikipedia just in case you don't understand Yolo County speak Dusty.)

  • Larry

    Man how wrong was i to see his dad to see if he could ask Dustin if he would have a pep talk with my grandson about baseball who at 13 has already received letters of intrest from UCLA but i am glad he never got to talk to him i sure he would have set my grandson in the wrong direction i think he is still mad at woodland because of a famaly member being involved in child molestation charge (Daly Democrat)either way he is sad two much stardom to the brain

  • Larry

    I am sure now your pop is in for some real s__t at the store along with your molesting brother i knowi'll be stopping by for a few words but i'll make sure not to bring the kids if your bros there but i am very sure you disowned your family already what a sad pice of s–t you and your brother aretell your team mates they might want to think before they bring there kids around i always ehought you were a little funny too.

  • Evett

    Hey all – there's a rootbeer beverage named befittingly for DP. You'll find it in one of our awesome local markets. It's appropriatly named as "Rat Bastard" rootbeer. Check it out for shits and grins. Cheers!

  • Chad

    Hey Dustin, I'm enrolled in a course at Boston University that teaches us all about self awareness. I suggest you enroll in this class so you can be aware of what an ass you really are for bad mouthing the town you came from. Good job and way to hurt the children that look up to you.

  • Trixie

    This whole situation is just so sad. Most of us "hated" Woodland while we were in high school – because we were immature and stupid. Most of us grew up and realized how much it had to offer. The difference is that (1) no one cares what we anonymous folks say about Woodland; and (2) we don't have indicted brothers. I just think Dustin's comments reflect immaturity and I hope he realizes how much harm his comments caused.

  • wynndra

    Hey, Y'all are pissed off about what dustin said , haha you wouldnt be mad except its true. He and I are the same age,yeah,hes arrogent and cocky-but most people in this hell whole of yolo county are. I agree completely with dustin and am out of here at the first chance. You guys wanna play up woodland like its mayberry..pft-please. we dont have an exceptional baseball program..we dont anything exceptional-I mean hell our court and school system is an extreme failure. most our DA's & judges are drunks or closet coke addicts. Dustin was lucky,because his parents "sat" on him and r"drilled" baseball into him. he made it because he had the right people in the right places. If this town was so exceptional we would have more "sucess" stories and less domestic violence,drug addict,welfare case failurs. WOODLAND GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AND ACCEPT THE TRUTH,OTHERWISE DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE IT.

  • Lindsey

    I would partly agree with your comments….I felt the same way about Woodland while in high school. There's not much to entertain teenagers, and therefore it was boring to us. However, I completely disagree with your view on the baseball program. Clearly, you're uneducated on the subject. Finally, you stated that you and Dustin are the same age, that would make you 25-26 correct? If that is in fact the case, I must say that for a person of your age who hates where they are so badly and clearly wants to leave at "the first chance" you certainly aren't very motivated to do so. Or are you just on the "10 year plan"????

  • Denise

    Dustin, respect is something you earn, not have to fight for. Call it Karma or reaping what you sow…your going to experience both first hand! Sadly, you family will right along with you thanks to your mouth and crappy attitude! Your brother will hopefully get what he deserves…maybe a little more on the inside when the inmates find out your his brother!

  • Eric

    It's too bad… I've always told my son to never forget where he came from. I use to think it was neat having someone in the Majors; so close by. Boston can have you… I'm sure your parents are so proud of you

  • M

    Hey Dustin: I believe you were possibly misquoted… happens all the time, sells newspapers and magazines. Your Boston writer should be ashamed of himself stirring up all the crap. Now we really get to see what you are made of… nothing like a "little" distraction. Beat the hell out of the Angels and I'll see you Tuesday night in Oakland.

  • Ryan

    WOODLAND SUCKS!!! I grew up with Dustin and graduated in 2002. Woodland is a gang filled, drug infested community. It sucked growing up there! The funny thing is half these posts are from idiots that never grew up there or even know him…Pathetic…Then theres the folks that were die hard Dustin fans from Woodland,,,half of which dont know him, I could have told you Dust felt this way years ago….Its sad that this comes as a surprise…Hes talking about the town he grew up in, stop whinning and taking shit personally when you dont even know the god dam guy…

  • Ryan

    WOODLAND SUCKS!!! I grew up with Dustin and graduated in 2002. Woodland is a gang filled, drug infested community. It sucked growing up there! The funny thing is half these posts are from idiots that never grew up there or even know him…Pathetic…Then theres the folks that were die hard Dustin fans from Woodland,,,half of which dont know him, I could have told you Dust felt this way years ago….Its sad that this comes as a surprise…Hes talking about the town he grew up in, stop whinning and taking shit personally when you dont even know the god dam guy… Is that a comment from a titsui family member?? Fuckin nother druggie from Woodpile…Chris ring a bell??? Druggie p.o.s

  • Felix

    You all know if Dustin walked down Main St, you would ask for a moment of his time or an autograph. You all know Woodland is a dump. I say that because you all allowed the shops on Main St to close and the mall to be practically empty. You all go out of town to eat, catch a movie or do your shopping. If you were proud Woodlanders you would support Woodland. So get off your high and mighty throne and shut the fuck up! Funny how you all got so mad!

  • M

    I for one am still a fan of Dustin's. I was lucky enough to have lived on the same block as him as he was growing up and enjoyed watching his success. How can Woodlander's put down someone from their home town who's family has been a big part of the community all because of a few comments that were made in an interview that non of us were at. By the way, when I was his age I was saying the same thing about Woodland as were alot of my friends. We all grew up and alot of us returned to Woodland which i believe in the end says more about the town then anything else can. I do feel bad for the countless children that this will effect because I know that for most kids around here Dustin is a hero. So, to Dustin and his parents I say I am with you all the way!

  • M

    Wow, what an idiot you are? You think just because someone has a different point of view then you they are an ass and should leave a town they have grown up in. I don't think what Dustin said is right and I don't defend him for what he has said. I do defend him for being a kid from my home town who is probably going through alot of things we could not even begin to imagine. There are alot worse places to live then Woodland and like you I have lived in many big and small cities. I came back to Woodland because I learned with age that there really is no place like home. You seem like a hater who was looking for a reason to hate. Perhaps you should leave the town I love!

  • Lynn

    Iv'e lived in Woodland for 25 years. Before that I've lived in Merced and Fresno for a number of years. In my work I've visited just about every town, large small, that you can name. Every town has it's drug and gang activities and every town is hit hard by the economic times we live in at the moment. So don't judge Woodland by its empty stores on Main Street or the sad Mall we have. Look at the new Costco center. Look at the pride of the local sports teams and the community as a whole. There's lots of worse places to live than Woodland. For those who want to excuse Pedroias comments or sympathize with him.. fine. Why don't you leave too. Good luck finding a place that's better than this but still not too good for you assholes.

  • Sharon

    Dustin's original comments were probably closer to his real thinking that the most recent shell of an apology (if you want to call it that). His egotistical attitude has been ongoing since he played little league here in Woodland. He and the Hawke boy always being coddled. Woodland is a wonderful place to live. Woodland's baseball opportunities allowed him to be where he is today. I take such offense to his comments; I'd like a real apology in the Woodland Democrat, a newspaper that has always supported him!

  • mark

    Dustin and his brother must have been really close growing up! Really close!!!

  • mark

    No wonder dustin's so good with the bat!!!

  • Lynn

    Anonymous, I don't intend to leave Woodland because I love it here., That's the reason I take exception to young Mr. Pedroia's comments. Why slam the whole town because your brother is in trouble. Seems like the town's been pretty good to him. I don't consider myself a hater but perhaps I'll rethink the issue a bit if that's the way I've come across. For the record I will apologize to the ones whom I categorized as assholes. I'm sure you are a decent person who is willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt.I think I've seen far too many spoiled and pampered athletes take a dump on anyone and everyone who crosses them. I was hoping this kid would be different. Is it possible to attain fame and fortune and still be a nice person ? Yeah, probably possible but we don't see very many examples of it do we ?

  • Brenten

    I grew up in Woodland and my family has been there for 3 generations before me. I am really hopeful that Dustin's comments were taken out of context. Growing up we all dreamed of moving on, but you made it kid? Why would you look back and spit in the faces of the good people who still live there. I grew up with many of your family members and they are all good people. I am proud to call Woodland my home and if it weren't for my career, I would probably be back their now. I'm glad to see people like my boy RJ Cushing stepping up and leaving their names on this comment page. Hopefully you realize that your rhetoric was disrespectful to those who have lived and worked to build the community that allowed you to succeed like you have. Good luck in the future with your career and even more luck when you try and come home to visit your folks.

  • olivia

    first of all, i think it is ridiculous that people would not give the pedroia's their business at their tire shop just because of this. sure, dustin said some things that hurt people who love woodland, but why is he not entitled to his opinion just like all of you sure as hell are. love it, hate it, get over it. yes..he's cocky, he talks a big game, he might bite off a little more than he can chew, but does this make him a bad person? i dont think so..but that is also my opinion. he's a dirt dog and he plays his heart out every single game..he's got my respect. from what ive read, his brother is in trouble…but what does that have to do with dustin? you're saying he's bitter because of that situation, then so be it, im pretty sure if you were in his position you would feel the same way. so be angry at him, dont take it out on his parents' business..you can keep defending your town like crazy, but by defending the crap out of it, it only makes others think that there just might be some

  • olivia

    …thing not so perfect about it. calm down. ya'll seem bout ready to pounce.

  • t

    I'm so angry at Dustin for saying what he really thinks about Woodland. He should really be sugarcoating things to make himself seem more like a role model. Oh, yeah and he should give millions of dollars to Woodland for bashing him and his family…or maybe he should just help every 13yo superstar get a full-ride to UCLA. You people need to get a life.

  • Fred

    As this Pedroia story was first unveiled, I followed it with sadness for both our community and the Pedroia family. Reading now about the threats to the Pedroia family brought even greater sadness that some in our community would stoop to this level and to those as well that have verbally in their writings taken this issue to a level that can only be characterized as hatred.This is not the Woodland I know and have given my life in service to through various organizations and as a former elected official in an effort to in some small way try to contribute to improving the community we all live in. Woodland has a proud history and an accomplished list of contributions to this state and our nation all of which are well documented, so as a community we can stand tall and should never feel like anyone could say words that take that away.As a parent who has had the great fortune to have two precious children and now two outstanding grandchildren know there are times a child can disa

  • Sean

    It is a great town. But it needs to promote some growth or it will suck in ten more years. For some it sucks And for others its great. Depends on your life and where you are at in it. I am single and like to have a night life so for me it sucks. For those cool cats like Brent Baily and Rj Cushing who are settled down. It is a safe wonderful place to live. lol Pedroia is a bad ass and i commend him for his hard work and success Good job my friend. But from what i read in this article It seems like he has some negative energy. I hope someone can get through to him and let him know that if he turns that into positive energy he will be unstoppable and live such an unbelievable life. Not that it is not already. Everyone is perfect the way they are and it is a great platform to start from.

  • stacia

    I think that some of you should pick up the Boston Herald today. I think some of you should also know that the media has a job to do and that of course they will do anything to sell themselves. Read the Boston Herald Inside Track as Dustin is not so happy himself about what has been printed in the magazine. There are always two sides to the story and of course everyone always goes with what the media says. So before you all start ripping him to pieces, maybe you should at least take some time out to read what he has to say about all of this before making your judgements. You don't see many hard working players anymore in the Majors, so props to Dustin Pedroia who is a "Boston Dirt Dog".

  • Sam

    Sox fans love Petey, lets get that fact straight once and for all. I love this guy. I love the way he plays and I love his honesty. I would rather have 20 Pedroias on my team than 20 A-Frauds. At least Pedroia is honest about himself and you always know where he's coming from. Don't get your knickers in a twist because he doesn't like his hometown. Not many people do, and not many are honest enough to tell it like it is.Keep it real, Dustin. The whiners in CA don't know what they're missing, by dissing you and your family. The rest of the USA loves you!

  • Lloyd

    I have no doubt that "Sox fans" love Petey… I am laughing right now picturing you say "lets get that fact straight once and for all" in that obnoxious masshole voice… Of course you love him, he's an arrogant jackass with a foul mouth. "The rest of the USA" doesn't love "Petey" and the "rest of the USA" isn't a part of the "Red Sox Nation" no matter how many giant d-bags on ESPN repeat it. Your boy "Petey" is going to be responsible for his parents' tire shop going out of business because the locals won't support them anymoaaaah… WICKED PISSAH. Real stand up guy.

  • durt

    i apologize about the comments i made about the titsui family, i was just mad because i wanted the titsui boys to run a train on me but they turned me down.

  • Mike

    For all of you commenting that he should be like Joe DiMaggio or Willie Mays…You know that Joe DiMaggio was a-wife beater?-neglectful father?-a cheapstake?-close relationship with mobsters?Willie Mays was notorious for being unfriendly and careless, especially towards the media and his fans.You guys should get your facts straight. The only person in the MLB that I would cite as being true to himself is Albert Pujols.

  • Teresa

    Well, thanks Dustin! For a minute there, woodland had something to brag on. But now, like you, we can't take it back! You have brought shame to your family and your brother too! Your ex-hometown doesn't claim you anymore. I wonder if your pediphile brother does? Words of advice to Boston: He will turn on you too! STAY AWAY! WE DON'T LIKE YOU ANYMORE EITHER!!

  • Jacob

    Being a transplant to Woodland, my wife and I have enjoyed this town and what it has to offer. Watching Dustin play in person and on TV has been very enjoyable. I find it funny that fellow Woodlanders are ready to dismiss Pedroia for talking bad about his home town…Yes,it may not have been smart to make it public but I can't count how many people I know that live here and hope one day to move away…People that have moved away and then desired to return…I grew up in the Salinas Valley and wish to never return.Does that mean everyone in Salinas should hate me? Just because he has millions now doesnt mean he shouldnt have opinions of his own just like everyone else.And in regards to the "brother" comments…I would just like to say that Dustin was never quoted in this article about that…it was all the writer of this article. The writer created controversy…he did his job…very well…I just hope everyone takes a Valium… even Dustin…except when he's on the field…

  • Ralph

    So he slammed where he grew up, so what? I grew up in Old Bridge NJ and it sucked. I couldn't wait to leave. So there. The guy has an opinion. Get over it.

  • M

    Dustin's mad becuz his bro is a child molester. No longer "alleged", he pled guilty to having one off with a 14 yr. old. Blame Woodland if you want to, Dustin. You were a better kid than that. You know it wasn't Woodland that did this to you, it was your family. We made you what you could be. You made yourself what you are, a prima donna.

  • Pedro

    Dude's right – Woodland is a dump, and full of pedophiles to boot (you probably know them as "Unitarians")

  • Allen

    You would think that his dad would be having enough trouble getting business due to his child molester son, but Dustin just keeps piling it on. If I need any paving done in Woodland, I know who not to call. Keep making those comments there big guy, I'm sure they are great for business back home.

  • Cody

    I play football on the varsity team at Woodland High school, My whole family is from New England and the pray to the Patriots and Red Sox, finding out that Dustin Pedroia was from Woodland was amazing and gave me hope about my school and gave me hope about college but now, I and along with my town have lost hope now, I really hope he is happy.

  • Franklin

    Cheers to Pedroia for having the cojones to tell it like it is about this town. One of the most backwards, racist places I have ever lived in. Cheers, Pedroia!

  • tenille

    I have been in Woodland for 6 years & I have found that Dustin Pedroia is a clown-he is very well un-respeceted in Woodland as he should be. Like I said, only 6 years & even I know this much!

  • Tenille

    I've only lived in Woodland 6 years & I see how the town is very proud of the diff characters that come out of there.I don't love it but I think that you should know that even a 6yr in Wdld girl can say Really? I gotta give more props to-well,everyone in Wdld before I'd give 'em to you. Hometown hero? Never to me but maybe to some kids in this lovely/annoying/gorgeous/ridiculous town…Ever heard the song "Small Town U.S.A."

  • mitt

    i have lived in woodland and of course its a dump. so is sac town. hey ever been to gallup new mexcico or fort stockton texas or everett mass? dumps. all beautiful dumps ive lived in.so what? hey woodward defensive much? aren't you proving peteys point? was that every single town resident who responded? woodward you do know nobody reads boston magazine in boston let alone the rest of the country. except woodward, that is. if the brothers a pedophile why isnt the town pissed about that instead of peteys response? On the other hand how would you feel if your brother was accused, maligned and had his reputation permanently ruined by such aligations? how would you feel if the allegations about a family member were true? defensive, confused, angry at him the town etc. pro ball players are naturally contentious with the media because of the level of scrutiny they get. hey i've heard many boston celebs call boston a dump. hey woodward kids get out while you can. small mindedness is a disease

  • Lisa

    I’ve never really been a fan of the idea but after reading a couple of essay writing about it I guess its something that can work for everyone in the end. Let’s just all hope that he lives up to the expectations of everybody.

  • Emily

    I grew up there, we went to school together, and even then he was mean (at least he was to me). He just earned his black mark in local history. Makes me shake my head in shame, Woodland isn’t a bad town, its just small (not as small as it was when we were kids, but still small).

  • Katie

    Are you serious!? Dustin is the freaking man. He deserves to be a loudmouth little punk! If you grew up with everyone telling you that you couldn’t do it or you’re not good enough you’d be talking

  • Olof

    So he doesnt like his hometown big freaking deal. He is the greatest second baseman playing right now and if his career keeps going the way it is right now maybe the best of all time. Everyone in sports is so PC right now its sickening, let the guy have an opinion without being crucified. Sounds to me like he was right, sounds like Woodland does suck, seems to be full of a bunch of bitter hang-ons.

  • Tim

    I grew up in Fairfield, California and my grandparents lived in Woodland , on Pendegast St., from 1952 to 1987. We used to go to woodland a lot. Not a bad little town. I don’t know why Dustin has bad mouthed so much.