Running Package: On Your Mark…

The sleekest running gear, a locally engineered super-sneaker, and five routes guaranteed to jog you out of that rut.

For the fleet-footed Bostonian, running is less hobby than mission. Accordingly, unlike poseurs in less purpose-driven burgs, we eschew showy getups for gear that morphs body into motive-powered machine, whether it’s warding off glare (1. Oakley Straight Jacket sunglasses, $160), sweat  (2. Adidas Supernova tee, $38, and  3. Nike Dri-Fit Fundamental shorts, $30), heat stroke (4. Amphipod RunLite 4 hydration belt, $40), or ankle pain (5. Karhu M2 running shoes, $80)—or keeping tabs on heart rate, distance, and speed (6. Polar RS200 watch, $150). Of course, all that pragmatism doesn’t preclude the occasional fantasy. For the imaginary cross-trainers of our dreams and a few running routes that work the mind as hard as the hamstrings, go on to the next few pages.

The Ultimate Locally Sourced Trainers

A Pedicure for the Weary Runner

Foot Care Tips for Runners

Try these Five Boston Running Routes

Carbo Loading for Culinarily Minded Marathoners

GETTING A LEG UP: When he’s not training for the Marathon (or vamping for our camera), Dorchester’s Brian Hetzel works at Marathon Sports in Cambridge.

Clothing and accessories from Marathon Sports, 671 Boylston St., Boston, 617-267-4774; and other locations;; shoes from City Sports, 480 Boylston St., Boston, 617-267-3900; and other locations;