Running Package: On Your Mark…


Cobbling together the best in running-shoe technology, right from our own backyard.

We’ve got so much sneaker geekery around these parts, you’d think Paul Revere jogged to Lexington. Greater Boston, in fact, is quickly becoming the running-shoe capital of the world: New Balance, Saucony, Etonic, and newcomer Karhu (which recently relocated to Beverly from Finland) are all headquartered here—not to mention Reebok, in Canton, and Puma, whose North American operations are based in Westford. Their engineers and designers spend a significant amount of brainpower trying to make a better shoe than the guy (quite literally) down the street. But what if all the high-tech cobblers in the area put their heads together to design the perfect running shoe? It might look a little something like this. -GREG LALAS

SOCK LINER & FOAM INSERT (Etonic’s Minado 3 MC) 

Provide extra cushion; removable if orthotics are required.


UPPER MIDDLE & FRONT (New Balance’s 769) 

Comfortably snug due to “N-Lock” system, plus fancy “bubble” laces that actually stay tied.

MIDSOLE (Karhu’s Fluid Fulcrum Ride)

Patented Fulcrum technology allows for better heel-to-toe roll without sacrificing cushioning.


HEEL (Saucony’s ProGrid Guide 2) 

Relatively narrow fit reduces slippage. (Slippage, by the way, is bad.)