Running Package: On Your Mark…

The Commune-with-Nature Run
Jamaica Pond/Leverett Pond (about 3 miles)

Frederick Law Olmsted’s sainthood is pretty much set, but runners would probably testify on his behalf simply for Jamaica Pond, one of the “gems” of the Emerald Necklace he designed. Starting at the intersection of the Jamaicaway and Huntington Avenue, your path dips into 1. Olmsted Park, then curves along the east bank of Leverett Pond. Cross a few recently restored footbridges, beneath a canopy of beech and oak, past 2. Ward’s Pond on the right, and you’ve made it: 3. Jamaica Pond, dark and glassy, encircled by a wide pathway. This is a good time to slow down and take in the greenery, the 4. great blue herons, and 5. J.P.’s almost-mythical albino squirrels. Breathe. Ah…that’s nice. A loop around the pond, and back up the path, finishes things off.

The Window-Shopping Run
Boston/Cambridge (About 4 miles)

Nowadays, even looking can feel ostentatious. But surreptitiously checking out luxe wares at a speed of 7.8 miles per hour? Perfectly acceptable. Window-shopping runs are best in early morning; otherwise, the crowded sidewalks can slow you down. Start at Mass. Ave., heading down Newbury Street past the stylish mannequins at 1. Marc Jacobs and the floral concoctions at Winston Flowers. Cross Arlington and wind through the 2. Public Garden to the northeast corner. Cross over and enter Charles Street. Be sure to look for 3. Black Ink’s curious window displays…huh, a flag-print coin purse…and the luscious paper at Rugg Road. At the end of Charles, take the Longfellow Bridge to Cambridge and head down Main all the way to Central Square. Here is 4. Ten Thousand Villages, with its imported arts and crafts. From Central, go southeast on Mass. Ave. and back across the river. G.L.