At a Glance: Allagash Waterway

By Helen L. Poliquin | |



Since the part of northern Maine you’re headed to is all about ice caves, moose, river rapids, and camping (regulations prohibit running water and electricity), it seems fitting to spend a final night in civilization at the cozy 5 LAKES LODGE in Millinocket. Off Rte. 11, Millinocket, 207-723-5045,

Likewise, your meal plan in the Allagash consists of whatever you can kill, catch, or carry, so savor a last supper of maple syrup–marinated pork tenderloin at RIVER DRIVERS RESTAURANT. Off Rte. 11, Millinocket, 207-723-8475,  

Campsites are peppered throughout the region, but those who must have a roof over their head can reserve a bare-bones cottage at NUGENT-MCNALLY CAMPS. Exit 244 off I-95, 207-944-5991,

Only experienced paddlers should navigate these powerful waterways alone; for the rest, companies like Northwoods Outfitters and Allagash Guide run four- to seven-day canoeing trips. 5 Lily Bay Rd., Greenville, 866-223-1380,; 292 River Rd., Norridgerock, 207-634-3748,

At the end of the line, hit up the quirky TWO RIVERS LUNCH for hearty comfort food by husband-and-wife team Tylor and Leitha Kelly. 75 Dickey Rd., Allagash, 207-398-3393,


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