Kick That Hired-Help Habit

| Boston Magazine |

We’ve come a long way from the halcyon days of yore (i.e., 2006), when taking your budget by the bootstrap seemed as simple as forgoing that second double-whip latte. And at the end of the month…ta-da! Thirty dollars! the tastefully dressed guest expert would beam, as Ann Curry marveled approvingly.

As fiscal policy goes, the Skip-a-Starbucks theorem isn’t unsound; it just thinks too small. Today’s economy calls for reevaluating our indulgences in their entirety: not only the barista who makes our mocha, but also the colorist, florist, and therapist who selflessly nurture our roots, stems, and sanity—all in exchange for cash. Could we survive without them, or at least get our fix less often? To find out, we went straight to the source. Presenting 22 ways to save big by not hiring the experts, according to the experts themselves.* Frankly, we can’t believe they told us.

*Of course, if all else fails, we’ve included their phone numbers, too. Click here for complete resource information.


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