Mmmm…Tangy Fro-yo

By Amy Traverso | Boston Magazine |

Four years after Pinkberry began blanketing the West Coast in 100-calorie desserts, frozen-yogurt options are multiplying around Boston like lactobacilli in a warm milk bath. The copycat names—BerryLine, Yo! Berry, UBerry—give the business a late-to-the-game feel. But with the most recent entry, BoYo, set to open this month in Beacon Hill, the trend clearly still has steam.

And hooray for that. The newbies restore what fro-yo tasted like before it became a dull, low-fat alternative to ice cream: tart, even zingy. Topped with fresh fruit, granola, or cookie bits, these are relatively guilt-free snacks, with benefits in the form of calcium and digestion-enhancing live cultures. Of all the contenders, UBerry (sold at UFood) wowed us with its super-velvety texture. A company spokesman says the secret is the temperature of the mix: a perfect 15 degrees, for maximum creamy mouth-feel.

UFood Grill, locations in Boston, Watertown, and Bedford,

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