Person of Interest: Peter King

In the busiest weeks, as many as 2.5 million people click on Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column on, making him one of the most-read football writers in the country. But King doesn’t restrict himself to gridiron analysis, and is almost as well known for his musings on travel, culture, and especially matters of gastronomy. So when he relocated to the South End from New Jersey earlier this year, the Hub gained a stealthily influential food critic.

King, whose loyal readers often follow his recommendations, has so far found plenty to suit his palate in our fair city. (He spent more than 100 words gushing over the South End Buttery’s lattes in a recent column.) "I’m shocked at how good the food has been. I’m gonna be in danger here in the weight department," he says. "We had an incredible meal at Davio’s…loved the pizza at Mistral…great wine list at the Butcher Shop." And in case you were wondering, he thinks that although the Patriots will pass on defensive end Julius Peppers, they remain a Super Bowl favorite.

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