Tastes of the States

Fried Right

Flour, water, and yeast. The ingredients are as simple as it gets, but when rolled by hand and dropped into a fryer, they yield a treat that’s crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside—and the very taste of a New Hampshire summer. Ever present at seaside boardwalks and country fairs, fried dough has devotees who inevitably converge at Blink’s Fry Doe, an Ocean Boulevard landmark amid the souvenir shops of Hampton Beach. Founded by Robert “Blinky” Difeo (who initially teamed up with a dough expert called, yes, John Doe), the bright orange shack has been turning out fried dough for 35 years. Today, it’s still the array of toppings that sets Blink’s apart: More than 20 are on offer, from cinnamon to butter and garlic. But at an estimated 14 grams of fat per small slab, maybe it’s a good thing Blink’s is closed in the winter.