It's All on the Wrist

Bauble junkies are stacking a local line of mix-and-match bracelets up to their elbows. Westwood siblings Carolyn Berluti and Lisa Sisco first dreamed up their Family Jewels ( on a beach trip last summer during a "just for fun" bead-stringing session. Soon after, the Hub’s sharpest buyers caught the fever, and now the sisters’ whimsical accessories are on offer at Stel’s, Portobello Road, and LuxCouture. The bracelets, which sell in the $50–$100 range, feature semi-precious stones, wood, and bone. The collectible angle is addictive, à la ’90s-era Beanie Babies, though virtuous shoppers will also appreciate that a portion of the proceeds goes to Half the Sky, a charity that supports Chinese orphanages.


  • kristin

    The most fabulous bracelets ever to be had — a must for all fashionistas!! I own too many to count, but get stopped everytime I have a bunch on…

  • florence
  • Jeffrey

    These bracelets are so glamorous that you are sure to get stopped on the street for people to find out where you get these one of a kind gems that make your wrist the focal point of your entire outfit!