• Allyson

    Wow,wow,wow! After reading this article i wanted to throw up, the absurdity, a toll collector making more money than a teacher!!!! We as tax payers should not stand for this, especially when there is a proven better toll collecting system out there. Instead we continue to be bullied by a union. Who's the parent Beacon Hill??!!!

  • Linda

    My daughter has a Bachelor Degree and Masters Degree in Special Education and teaches in a private school for children with learning disabilities. She has not had a raise in 7 years at the school because the Dept of Education subsidizes the school and there is no money for raises. Yet the toll takers make almost double what she makes. Doesn't this seem unfair? Am I missing something here? What is wrong with those idiots on Beacon Hill. They take care of their own and the rest of us suffer. Unbelievable!!!!

  • Brandon

    We have "fastpass" in California, it is wonderful. Just as the article says, you stick a transponder in your car (keep it in the glove box if you like) and drive right through the tolls. No stopping, don't slow down, just keep going and the toll is deducted auto-magically every month.

  • thpt

    I agree with this article. But if we step back for a moment, where will all this automation leave jobs? The US is already looking at 9% unemployment and in five years when most gyms, supermarkets, and transit systems go to thumbprint-recognition systems, that's going to be a LOT of people out of work. Soon there will only be jobs for skilled bluecollar, skilled programmers, healthcare, and janitors.

  • Patrick

    I'm not even shocked at this. Our government in this state has long ago lost the back bone to make a decision that would cause ANY uproar from the unions they sleep with. Clearly the system in place doesn't work. Instead of voting out the pols we need to rethink how the government is structured

  • Adam

    “But if we step back for a moment, where will all this automation leave jobs?”

    Yeah, what about all those people who built steam trains and horse buggies. Guess we should have building those just to make sure people had jobs?

    Most people are capable of learning a new skill. Though, I do wonder about someone getting paid 70k to do 4th grade math… maybe they can get work as carnies.