Import/Export: The Wardrobe Whisperer

By Alyssa Giacobbe | Boston Magazine |

Hiring someone to help navigate the denim bar at Barneys may seem brazenly self-indulgent for these poor-me times, but Kerry Waterman begs to differ. The DC native (and 15-year Boston resident) is quick to point out that her new Back Bay personal-shopping service, Fetching, can in fact save clients money—and headaches—by eliminating the impulse buying that leads to closets full of overly trendy, ill-fitting garments. Then there’s the matter of time: "Someone who five years ago might have loved to search for the perfect black sweater now has a full-time job and three kids," says the 36-year-old style guru, whose services range from special-event styling to complete wardrobe overhauls.

While this cutest-girl-in-the-room type describes her own look as "classic with a twist," Waterman says her emphasis is on modernizing rather than making over, which means she’s not out to create an army of mini Kerrys (unlike some Rachel Zoes we know). "For me, it’s not about putting clothes on a mannequin," she says. "It’s about seeing a person feel transformed, and getting a call saying, ‘My husband and I went out to Scampo on Friday and for the first time in years I didn’t feel like the worst-dressed person there. I felt like the best.’"

Consultations start at $200; 617-821-8212,

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