• Greg


  • Jay

    while quaint, I can see why it went under — its an under-sized convenience store/gift shop and its fairly quiet. We're talking 'big density' and high foot traffic.

  • bob

    Who knew? Very cool.

  • Olivia

    It's nice that Carell is being heralded in this story. But the other Steve, Steve Tyler, will always be the "real" Marshfield superstar

  • Crulp

    Alright guy, "Prospect St", yeah right guy, the general store/post office is on Old Main St, guy. I live like 100 yards away, bro, on Pleasant Street, kid. Don't worry about it.

  • Eileen

    YOu may live down the street but the store is on Prospect.

  • Joe

    my wife and I just went to the Marshfield general Store. Great! It has a great aura. bought some cool “Office” stuff. Hope I see steve there sometime when i go againg this summer (2010). you al

  • Joe

    me again. some dwight shrute bobbles (and others) would be great. i may hve missed them.