The Ultimate: Chocolate Chip Cookie

By H.M Sheldon-Dean | Boston Magazine |

We used to say there was no such thing as a bad chocolate chip cookie—until we forced ourselves to eat heaps of them. After far too many cloyingly sweet creations, texture-starved blobs, and inexplicably lumpy specimens, we rejoiced in finding CLEAR FLOUR BREAD‘s unbeatable batch. Chunks of glossy, half-melted chocolate (a blend of Scharffen Berger bittersweet morsels and Callebaut semisweet chips) ooze from a soft golden cookie, which provides them with a buttery, not-too-sugary foundation; the crunchy edge stands as a perfect foil to the chewy center. Now, for the ultimate glass of milk….

178 Thorndike St., Brookline, 617-739-0060,

Chips Off the Old Block [The Runners-Up]

****1/2 Volle Nolle: Refreshingly nontraditional, with thin layers of dark chocolate and a balancing touch of salt. 351 Hanover St., Boston, 617-523-0003.

**** Blunch:
Their soft variety features three kinds of chocolate and perfectly buttery dough, but it’s all goo and zero crunch. A crunchy version is also available. 59 E. Springfield St., Boston, 617-247-8100,

***1/2 Oxford Spa: Respectable chips in a superior crumbly-yet-moist dough. 102 Oxford St., Cambridge, 617-661-6988.

*** Flour:
Intriguing spicy overtones and rich Scharffen Berger morsels, hindered by an uneven texture. 12 Farnsworth St., Boston, 617-338-4333; 1595 Washington St., Boston, 617-267-4300;

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