Mmmmmm…Canned Veggies

By Donna Garlough | Boston Magazine |

The art of canning and pickling may have a whiff of frugality about it, but rest assured its reappearance doesn’t mean we’re sliding into a Depression-era food economy. Chalk it up instead to the growing number of chefs and foodies tending their own produce these days, and looking to preserve their late-summer bounty. This month, for instance, chef Dante de Magistris holds a tomato-canning party on the patio of his Cambridge restaurant, Dante, gathering an assembly line of friends and family to turn farm-fresh tomatoes into tasty rations the kitchen can use through December. For those who’d like to try it at home, chef Alex Lewin will demo such delicacies as preserved lemons and fruit jams during his two-class seminar (9/17 and 9/24) at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts.

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