New England’s Best Small Towns: Harvard, MA


Tourists are relatively scarce in this burg of about 6,000. In fact, you won’t find a single motel or B&B. What you will find, though, are enough orchards to make Johnny Appleseed dance a jig.

Three of our favorites:

Carlson Orchards: This is the go-to for variety, with 21 kinds of u-pick apples on offer. The tour includes tips on how to pluck the best ones (e.g., the ripest are on the outer branches).

Doe Orchards: Great fruit, no fuss. As co-owner Larry Doe says, there’s "not a lot of hoopla" on this 60-acre farm, which boasts 12 apple types and 10 acres of cut-your-own Christmas trees.

Westward Orchards: Those hungry for something exotic can buy quince, along with pears and peaches, at the farm store, housed in a turn-of-the-century dairy barn. —Rachel Baker

 New England’s Best Small Towns