New England’s Best Small Towns: Little Compton, RI


Persnickety wine lovers thumb their noses at bottles poured east of the Sierras (or west of the Loire Valley). Pity they don’t know about Little Compton’s award-winning Sakonnet Vineyards, where, for $8, guests can taste the 50-acre spread’s finest wines. —Jamie Coelho

Cock of the Walk: Similar to a pinot grigio, it carries hints of apples and melons.

Vidal Blanc 2008: This white, fermented in stainless steel, has a sweet citrus taste and crisp acidity.

Rhode Island Red: The earthy finish is complemented by deep fruity flavor.

Reserve Chardonnay 2007: Aged a year in French oak, this varietal evokes honey and fresh-baked bread.

Gewürztraminer 2007: Floral notes and a dry finish make it an inspired pairing for spicy dishes.


New England’s Best Small Towns


Photo by Heather Burke


  • Nancy

    Little Compton is so much more than a wine vineyard! The area has wonderful beaches to walk miles on. There is good surfing to especially if a storm is comming up the coast. The sunsets are beautiful. It is a peaceful place but never boring! There are wooded areas too, Wilber Woods is a great place for a picnic. It is a place that you can feel at peace. You can see and feel the history there if you look for it. Take a drive along Rt. 138, , take a left turn and go into The Commons, have lunch at The Commons Lunch, across from the Church, then ask how to get to the Town Beach, park at the end and take a walk to the Point, make sure you take a camera. I was fortunate to be able to go there whenever I wanted till 1982, I try to get there every year if I can.Enjoy the beauty of the area.