New England’s Best Small Towns: Putnam, CT


Putnam’s pretty downtown hosts a wealth of shops, such as Vintage to Vogue (art deco furniture), Wonderland Comics (vintage X-Men!), and the 40-dealer-strong Jeremiah’s (dishes, dishes, dishes). All that pales, though, in comparison with the Antiques Marketplace. The largest antiques market in the state, it has 150 dealers and more than 50,000 items, including art prints, sets of sterling silver flatware, and the country’s premier collection of Stickley furniture. Haggling is de rigueur, and discounts are likely. Just ask owner Jerry Cohen: He recently unloaded a $5,000 oil painting for $3,500. The buyer then sold it at auction for 27 grand. —Francis Storrs


New England’s Best Small Towns 


 Photo by Keller + Keller



  • Marlene

    There’s so much more to Putnam CT then the antiques and Main St. area. There are car dealers who you would be proud to call friends, mom and pop dinners where they take the time to learn your names, every type of church out there to give peace to anyone, a bridal salon where they have the most friendly people to help you, jewelry stores with the perfect ring to say I love you. There’s more to Putnam then Main St.