Person of Interest: Nothing But Knit

By Tanya Pai | Boston Magazine |

John Pletzke knows exactly who his ideal woman is: fashionable but not too trendy, family-oriented but holding down a career, someone "whose life is not simple by any means," he says. While that description might sound like eHarmony fodder, for Pletzke it was the key to designing Shorn, his new Boston-based line of women’s knitwear. Keeping this dream customer in mind, he put together a collection of tops, sweaters, scarves, and dresses that emphasizes "uncomplicated luxury": simple, versatile shapes, most done in pure cashmere. It’s already been snapped up by more than 50 retailers, including local shops Tess & Carlos, Native Sun, and Wink.

With a lengthy fashion background (highlighted by nearly a decade at Banana Republic’s San Francisco office), the Hingham resident says creating his own brand has been his plan from the start. "I’ve always thought there was a need for well-designed women’s clothes that don’t break the bank," says Pletzke, whose styles are all under $300. "If you go to big brands, you end up feeling like you’re wearing a uniform. This is the kind of stuff where someone will notice what you’re wearing, but the garment’s not wearing you."


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