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√ Alan Curtis
New England Baptist 

√ Lyle Micheli
Children’s Hospital, Beth Israel

√ Arnold Scheller
New England Baptist 

√ Anthony Schepsis
Boston Medical Center

√ Mark Steiner
New England Baptist

The Key
√ Taking new patients
∆ Taking new patients by M.D. referral
x Not taking patients
No symbol is assigned where doctors are primarily consultants or do not have patients of their own, or where information was unavailable.

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  • Dr.ShawnaMurray

    Gary Cushing MD may be a felon. He trained at UMass Medical Center in Endocrinology. If he was there when Lewis E. Braverman Md was an attending, then he would have witnessed multiple sexual assaults of all the female patients. The indecent A&B of the breasts, a felony, was routine and witnessed/allowed by other MDs which is also a felony.

  • ShawnaMurray MD

    Did anyone Google this entry? It fits with all the other malignant, even criminal, Harvard physicians such as Paul S. Appelbaum MD, Lewis E. Braverman MD, Paul J. Barreira MD, Michael E. Trice MD, etc…

  • koh


  • koh