Where to Eat Now: Chefs' Picks

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Flour Bakery and Myers + Chang

For a first date: "Fun, lively places are always the best, so Tremont 647, Rendezvous, and Toro are good choices (besides Myers + Chang, of course!)."
To max out your expense account: "Oiishi in South End, because they have amazing sushi—stuff you can’t get anywhere else in Boston."
For a girls’ night out: "Sorellina or Mistral, because it’s fun to get dressed up and go to a swanky, cool place."
For a hangover breakfast: "Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe, for pancakes."

For a first date: "Prezza in the North End. It’s one of the few fully functional North End restaurants with full bar. All the pasta is made by hand, and there’s great wine list. It’s a good place to make a great first impression."
To max out your expense account: "Pigalle. If you’re fortunate enough to have an expense account, it’s worth really doing it up here."
For a boys’ night out: "It wouldn’t be at a restaurant!"
For a hangover breakfast: "Mul’s Diner in South Boston. The breakfast is cooked perfectly. It’s nothing fancy, just comfort food done well."
Formerly of Sage

For a first date: "Pomodoro, because it’s inviting and cozy."
To max out your expense account: "Sorellina. It has great food, great service, a stunning dining room, and spectacular wines."
For a boys’ night out: "Davio’s is a great place to get together with good friends to have a steak and drink great wine."
For a hangover breakfast: "Mike’s City Diner. Nothing beats their egg sandwich when you’re hung over."

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