• Susan

    Thanks for including Blog with Integrity in your story, but I hope you will reconsider your conclusion, that Blog with Integrity has met with tepid response. The BlogHer conference in July had 1,500 attendees, not 15,000. Launched on July 22, the pledge had nearly 900 signatures by early August, and bloggers are still signing. At last count, 2045 in total. Not just mom bloggers either. Tech, green, politics, social media, marketing, PR, food, book, travel, music, healthcare blogs and more are all represented on the pledge signature page. More importantly, we hoped that the pledge would launch an ongoing conversation in the blogosphere about ethics and integrity, and that’s exactly what has happened. It doesn’t matter whether someone signs the pledge or displays the badge. What matters is that we all do our very best to blog with integrity.

  • Stefan

    Nice coverage and congrats to all the hub moms for making blog waves and inspiring some of us dads to jump in the water. Any notion of a companion piece on the late to the party arrival of hub dad bloggers? Stefan http://www.dadtoday.com

  • Jill

    Thx for highlighting Tomasetti’s comments. Many believe mom-bloggers are bon-bon eating, swag-grabbing bored mommies, when actually many of us are well-educated, business-running moms who enjoy disseminating info. Jill, a Boston blogger & business owner. http://www.workathomemom.typepad.com

  • Angela

    I am humbled and proud to be amongst the Boston mommy bloggers, a fine breed indeed. However as Susan pointed out, the BlogHer conference last year had 1500 attendees, not 15,000. This makes the Blog with Integrity drive with over 2000 members hugely successful.

    Angela at http://www.mommybytes.com