Connoisseur: February 2010: Arts & Culture: Omnivore: Hatfield's Quiet Farewell?

On the title track, you sing, "I don’t want to be angry/It takes up too much energy." The lyrics seem to contain wisdom based on reconciliation or resignation. Totally. I think it’s just a record of a person at a certain age, where you start to accept your limitations. That can be difficult and sad, but at the same time it opens up the world because you’re not fighting against yourself anymore. You become more grateful and humble because you realize you’re not going to be king of the world.

Many of your peers from the early ’90s, like Letters to Cleo and Buffalo Tom, have largely stopped releasing new music, and yet you keep doing new things.
People get married and have kids and families, and being a working musician gets harder to do—it’s a 24/7 job. I’ve been able to keep making music because I’m not married, I don’t have kids, and maybe that’s the difference. I do feel the flame is fading. This is the first record I’m not going to tour. Going on the road and aggressively promoting it takes too much out of me.

Do you see yourself ever giving up the music business entirely? Yeah. I’m thinking of [Peace & Love] as the last record I’m going to make for a while, if I even make another one. I wanted to do it for the people who still care, to give them something. And for myself.

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