Money 2010

In this era of economic anxiety, the question of how your paycheck stacks up looms larger than ever. A shameless accounting of who’s making what — and how they’re spending it.

The Richest Bostonians

And how they’ve fared in the downturn.

1. Abigail Johnson
Worth: $11.5 billion
Johnson lost about $3.5 billion last year as her family’s firm, Fidelity, struggled. She also replaced her father, Ned, in overseeing 161 funds — a move that may clear the way for her to succeed him as CEO one day.

2. Ned Johnson
Worth: $8 billion
A year ago, the Fidelity CEO (who turns 80 this summer) was worth $11 billion. Last year the company finished trimming about 3,000 jobs, closing out what’s been a rather crummy decade for the Hub’s flagship firm.

3. Amos Hostetter
Worth: $2 billion
Reportedly, Hostetter lost only $800 million in 2009. There seems to be one bright spot for the former cable TV wizard: GlobalPost, the online foreign-news startup he helped fund, aims to be in the black by 2012.

4. Jim Davis
Worth: $1.7 billion
Like Hostetter, the former New Balance CEO is reported to have lost $800 million this past year. He’s a founder of the struggling Major League Lacrosse, which shed four teams after the ’08 season. (Fear not, your Boston Cannons soldier on.)

5. Robert Kraft
Worth: $1.5 billion
Insiders believe the Pats owner’s worth held steady in ’09, as he continued to sit atop one of the most valuable properties in sports. It’s been a great investment: In 1994 Kraft paid $172 million for a team worth $1.4 billion today.


  • Joseph

    I’m trying to figure out where the $150,000 figure for ‘Boston Police Officer’ came from in your recent Salary Survey. I’ve been with the BPD for over 4 years now and haven’t even come close to that figure. Sure, a Boston Police Officer does have an opportunity to work details or overtime shifts but there are times when those shifts are ordered on Officers’ days off (e.g. Holidays, festivals, sports championship parades, etc.) when the Officer would much rather be spending time with their family. Nonetheless, the starting base salary for an Officer is in the mid-fifties and an Officer with three years will earn just under 70K a year… For that same officer to earn the 150K you report, he/she would have to work the equivalent of over 300 eight-hour road details over the course of a year which would further equate to over 40 additional hours per week. Our salary is public knowledge, so don’t get me wrong, there are Officers who have earned additional income to provide for their famili

  • Joseph

    Our salary is public
    knowledge, so don’t get me wrong, there are Officers who have earned additional income to provide for their families, but to report it as if its
    commonplace perpetuates the animosity the media and public have for the
    hard working men and women of our fine city.