Testing… Reebok EasyTone sneakers

Maybe you’ve seen the commercial: A hot-bodied, spandex-clad brunette purrs about how simply walking in Reebok’s EasyTones is the ticket to better legs and bum (as the camera zooms on her perfect rear). Our initial reaction: What an annoying ad! Then: How can we get a pair?

When we tied on the ‘Tones we felt wobbly—the Canton-based company designed the shoes with stability balls that require the legs and glutes to work harder for balance. We got used to that fast enough. Our big beef is with the aesthetic: While intended to be worn outside the gym, the sneakers come off as super-athletic. But once we accepted the Working Girl look, the EasyTones inspired us to walk more, drive less. And though no one’s mistaken us for Jessica Biel from behind (yet), our rear view definitely hasn’t gotten worse.

$100–$125, reebok.com.