Where It All Goes – Spending Diaries

• Pharma/biotech strategy consultant

26, female, engaged, Boston
Salary: $130,000

No expenses

Mortgage payment: $2,353.“Makes me wonder if my 600 square feet of prime Boston real estate is worth it."
Plane ticket, US Airways: $1,145.20.“Last-minute business trip to Philadelphia. I get reimbursed."

Caramel brûlée latte and plain bagel, Starbucks: $4.83

Credit card payment: $686.42

Zipcar: $13

Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association membership: $175. “This is a great networking group. My New Year’s resolution: Start going to the events."

Taxi to airport: $35  

Four sweaters, three pairs of socks, and a hoodie, Gap in Philly airport: $128.99. “Had an hour to kill."   

Taxi from airport: $35
E-invitations for upcoming wedding: $5

One slice sausage pizza, Boston House of Pizza: $2.02. “Newton Corner is not known for its culinary offerings, but BHOP has great sausage pizza."

Dinner, Lucky’s Lounge: $86.50. “Took friends out to dinner to celebrate their new condo."  

Taxi: $7.50

Gym membership, Millennium Sports Club: $152. “Great gym. Never use it."

Cable Internet, RCN: $87.76

Pet food, CVS: $1.89

Dinner and hardware, CVS: $23.89. “Nachos supplies and home supplies."

Coffee and breakfast, Starbucks: $9.83

Zipcar: $85.11. “My fiancé and I share an account—he uses it to get to and from National Guard drills."  

Rewards membership fee, Capital One: $39

Taxi: $10

Pet supplies, Petco: $325. “Yes, we really spent over $300 on a cat."

Zipcar: $71.88

TOTAL: $5,483.82

  • Devin

    Thanks for this article Boston Magazine and thanks to the 3 participants.

    Mayor Menino and the City of Boston have a program called ONEin3 Money that is devoted to helping young people manage their money while living in Boston. We’d love to have readers from here join the conversation at http://www.onein3money.org. Our local bloggers are great, as is our partnership with Mint.com.

    Devin Cole
    Manager, ONEin3 Boston and ONEin3 Money