Where It All Goes – Spending Diaries

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• Real estate agent

40, female, married, Sherborn
Salary: $75,000


Groceries, Whole Foods: $76.75. “People complain about food being expensive there, but it’s worth it to have food that’s safe and free of pesticides."

Facebook ads: $5. “I love using Facebook for targeted real estate marketing. I post ads every day."

Spin class, Spynergy Cycling Studio: $17

Tolls, Mass. Pike: $5.40

Parking in Boston garage: $38. “Highway robbery."

Facebook ads: $5

Sandwich and drink, Au Bon Pain: $6.73


Animal control: $200. “I had a squirrel in my chimney!"

Exercise gear, Dick’s Sporting Goods: $74.38

Gas: $16. “I love my Prius."

Granola bar at gas station: $1.34

Service fees for iPhone, AT&T: $101.34

Facebook ads: $5

Facebook ads: $5

Earrings and Burt’s Bees lip balm, Whole Foods: $36.72


Facebook ads: $5
“Worked at home, didn’t spend a thing besides on these ads."

Dry cleaning: $27.51

Milk, bread, and miscellaneous sundries, convenience store: $23.98

Songs on iTunes: $4.95

Facebook ads: $5

Reusable water bottle: $17.41

Cards and printer cartridges, CVS: $72.13

Package shipments, post office: $7.64

Facebook ads: $5

TOTAL: $762.28

  • Devin

    Thanks for this article Boston Magazine and thanks to the 3 participants.

    Mayor Menino and the City of Boston have a program called ONEin3 Money that is devoted to helping young people manage their money while living in Boston. We’d love to have readers from here join the conversation at http://www.onein3money.org. Our local bloggers are great, as is our partnership with Mint.com.

    Devin Cole
    Manager, ONEin3 Boston and ONEin3 Money