Political Animals

An informal poll of who owns what (and how they vote) in the state Legislature.

| Boston Magazine |

It’s been a busy winter for our state legislators, Democrats and Republicans alike. Still, when Boston magazine contacted them for our March “Pets Rule!” package, roughly two-thirds of Beacon Hill’s power players agreed to be polled on their furry, feathered, or finned constituents.

Senators who own…
Cats   12%
Dogs   7%
Fish   2%
Newts   2%
No pets   48%

Representatives who own…
Dogs   32%
Cats   18%
Birds   2%
Fish   1%
Frogs   0.5%
Leopard geckoes   0.5%
Horses   0.5%
No pets   47%   

Dogs most commonly owned by Massachusetts legislators
Black, yellow, or chocolate Lab   24%
Golden retriever   13%
Mutt   13%
Goldendoodle/Labradoodle   7%
Rhodesian ridgeback   4%
Shih Tzu   4%

Favored names for legislators’ pets
1. Sadie
2. Mya
3. Fluffy
4. Mookie
5. Madison

Legislators’ pets whose names…
Start with the letter “M”   18%   
Make us go “Mmm”   8% (Snickers, Reeses, Oreo, et al.)
Are extremely literal   4% (Kitty, Little Kitty, Big Fish)
Are somewhat less than literal   4% (Bison, Hawk, Monkey)
Make us a tiny bit scared to pet-sit   4% (Psycho, El Diablo, Typhoon)

Legislators’ pets’ political leanings
Democrat   16%
Independent   3%
Libertarian   1.5%
Republican   1.5%
“Blue dog” Democrat   1.5%
“Yellow dog” Democrat   1.5%
Reagan Democrat   1.5%
The Food Party   1.5%
None indicated   72%

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