Connoisseur: Testing…KoR Teeth Whitening

NOT TOO LONG AGO, my only foray into whitening had been a flirtation with Crest Whitestrips, but then I noticed something – my teeth were looking a little, um, mushroom-colored. So I decide to brave the latest pro-whitening system on the market, now available through just a handful of Massachusetts dentists.

At Dr. Andy Wiemeyer’s Duxbury office, I’m fast friends with his assistant Cathy Ruisi, who administers the procedure – a good thing, considering how much time we spend together. On my hourlong first visit, she takes impressions of my teeth and explains why KöR is superior to, say, Zoom: The take-home gel packs more punch, the custom trays are more precise, and there’s even a desensitizing solution. On my two-hour second visit, Ruisi pre-treats my teeth and assigns homework: two weeks of overnight bleaching with my new take-home kit. When I return for a third and final visit, she coats my teeth with more bleach gel. Let me say this: Even with Ruisi’s sweet chairside manner, it is not pleasant spending a total of five hours with my mouth stretched open. But my teeth are left a brilliant white (though not weirdo "pageant" baby white), and the only sensitivity I experience is cured with a couple of Advil. Apparently, when it comes to teeth whitening, it’s not pain that equals beauty. It’s patience.


  • Karen

    I used Zoom for myself and it only lasted a max 1 hour and I really had really good experience, I had upto 5 shades lighter than what I started off with.

    I am wondering if you could write a review on Kor Whitening over at our website Teeth Whitening Product Reviews.

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