Higher Ed: What Say You?

WHILE MARQUEE GRADUATION speakers may inspire cynicism among students, they offer serious buzz potential for both school and speaker alike. Here’s a roundup of some of the big names sharing wisdom with our local graduates this month:

Curt Schilling at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (5/15) The former Sox ace gets a chance to address hundreds of geek recruits for his Maynard video-game development company, 38 Studios. Rachel Maddow at Smith (5/16) It’s a short trip – physically and philosophically – for the Northampton resident and MSNBC anchor, who brings her progressive punditry to one of the more liberal of liberal arts colleges. Deval Patrick at Framingham State (5/16) Is it a bad omen for a governor kicking off a reelection campaign that Martha Coakley gave the school’s commencement speech last year? Christiane Amanpour at Harvard (5/26) Harvard, big surprise, snags the timeliest of talkers. The longtime CNN reporter just inked a deal to host ABC’s This Week. Roger Goodell at UMass Lowell (5/29) It’s only a suggestion, but perhaps the NFL commish should use the occasion to explain the league’s new (and incomprehensible) overtime rules.