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A fashion lover’s new boutique turns out bright, breezy trimmings.

Portrait by Diane Levine.

Portrait by Diane Levine.

Elisha Daniel’s jewel box of an accessories shop definitely has a preppy vibe. But, just like the proprietor herself, the merchandise is a touch quirky, too. After spending a decade as fashion director for local line Sara Campbell, the Boston native recently opened her first store, adjacent to Newbury Street’s Jean-Pierre Salon. Her buying philosophy is simple: “I shop for myself,” she says. “A lot of the time my clients want to try something new and daring, but they don’t have the courage. I have courage in spades.” To that end, Daniels stocks classic items with unexpected twists – candy-colored purses, statement jewelry from hard-to-find designers. And with the store’s accessible prices ($30 bangles), plus cheery styling advice from Daniels herself, no one wants to leave empty-handed.

116 Newbury St., Boston, 617-262-4660,