Band of Brooders

After everything Aerosmith has been through in the past year — rehab, injuries, infighting — the question isn’t why America’s most dysfunctional rock band would finally break up, it’s what the hell has kept it together for so long.

If there were a script for the reunion announcement, this is where Tyler strayed from it. “I just auditioned and I got the gig,” he says. Taken by surprise, Hamilton and Kramer laugh nervously. Even the usually stoic Perry allows himself a half smile. “We’re coming your way and rockin’ your world. Look out, baby, ’cause here we come again.”

After the Aerosmith logo flashes on the screen, the video cuts back to the band. Tyler is pointing at Perry and grinning widely, as if he’s looking for the guitarist’s approval; Perry is ignoring him, texting something on his phone. You can just tell that any day now, they’ll be at each other’s throats. And when that day comes, everything with Aerosmith will again be exactly as it should be.