Expert Knowledge: Deval’s Game Plan

| Boston Magazine |

On 6/4 and 6/5, the Massachusetts Democratic Party will have a chance to rally at their 2010 convention in Worcester. With Governor Patrick facing a tight reelection race, we sought out expert advice Рfrom both the left and right Рon how he should handle his big speech.

Scott Ferson, Democrat, former press secretary for Senator Edward Kennedy “Conventions are like the bar scene in Star Wars: They’re a gathering of really freaky people. I mean that affectionately. It’s the insiders and it’s the base. So he’s got to address both the inside and outside of the building. Inside, they want to see the Patrick they fell in love with four years ago. For the rest of us, he’s got to take ownership of the hard decisions he’s made.”

Eric Fehrnstrom, Republican, adviser to Mitt Romney and Scott Brown “It would be refreshing if Deval Patrick, in his speech, stood up to [the unions and special interests] and told them a new day is coming. Tim Cahill is splitting the anti-Deval vote with Charlie Baker, but independent candidates always start out stronger than they finish. Cahill is going to fade over the next several months. Patrick needs to pick up support from disenchanted independents.”

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