Forecast: June 2010: Nature: Tour of the Roses

| Boston Magazine |

MEG MUCKENHOUPT, AUTHOR OF Boston’s Gardens & Green Spaces, kicks off a series of tours through Boston’s living landscape on 6/13, hitting places hallowed and unheralded. Here are a few of Muckenhoupt’s favorite spots:

BOSTON COMMON’S LATE, GREAT ELM Hidden near the Frog Pond and the Soldiers and Sailors Monument is a plaque dedicated to one of the Common’s most beloved former residents: the Great Elm. Once at the center of city life, the tree was where people preached, fought duels, and even were hanged. When the elm blew over in 1876, it was more than 72 feet high and 190 years old.

CHINATOWN PARK The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway is still struggling to find its identity, but the Chinatown Park knows what it is: a fabulous gateway to a vibrant community. At its boundaries, towering red cages protect feathery bamboo, and a wall’s wavy top evokes the themes of water and travel.

THE KELLEHER ROSE GARDEN (BACK BAY FENS) Two thousand roses, spanning more than 100 varieties, bloom from June through September. They jump up trellises, cascade from containers, and billow onto paths. It’s a fluffy, frothy, happy place.

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