Forecast: June 2010

The month in preview

6/5 The Cambridge River Festival celebrates creativity of all kinds, offering music and dance performances as well as art demonstrations.

6/8 Jim Mullen steps down as CEO of Biogen Idec. That sound you’re hearing is corporate raider – sorry, "active investor" – Carl Icahn rubbing his hands together.


When Newton North’s brand-new $197.5 million high school opens its doors in September, misty-eyed types can take comfort in the fact that the project’s architects incorporated many of the previous building’s elements – like the "Main Street" central corridor – into the new structure. Today, however, Newton North alums have a chance to say goodbye to their old stomping grounds, with a "Bringing Down the House" party, where former students can gather to celebrate the history of a place they were once so eager to leave.


Jon Kingsdale steps down today as Massachusetts healthcare czar, potentially creating one of Mitt Romney’s biggest headaches for 2012.
In 2006, Romney appointed Kingsdale to head up the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector. At the time, Kingsdale was tasked with implementing the state’s universal healthcare plan, specifically targeting the low-income and uninsured. Though the program did its job – the percentage of uninsured dropped from 6 to 2.6 in two years – Romney has sought to distance himself from the plan because of its similarities to Obamacare. Kingsdale hasn’t helped his former boss in this respect, noting in his retirement announcement that his office should be "proud of having created the model for national health reform."
Kingsdale’s endorsement of the federal plan will open up Romney to further attacks from the right. Given the visceral reaction among some conservatives to the national bill, the shots Romney took during the 2008 presidential campaign over the insurance mandates may seem mild compared to what greets him this time around.
It wasn’t supposed to be this way, of course. Four years ago, Romney surely saw his groundbreaking work on healthcare as a bipartisan project, a badge of courage – something that would distance him from the rest of the 2008 Republican pack. Now it’s the albatross around his neck, and how well he deals with it may determine whether he’s the 2012 Republican presidential nominee.

Sports: World Cup Watching


If the $1 million in prize money isn’t incentive enough to get startup companies to apply by today’s deadline for the inaugural Mass-Challenge business competition, the prospect of no longer having to hold all of their business meetings at a nearby Starbucks should be. Next month, the 100 finalists will be offered free office space on the 14th floor of Fan Pier’s One Marina Park Drive.

6/21 You may not recognize her face, but you probably know the blouse: Former state senator Dianne Wilkerson’s federal corruption trial begins.

6/28 Today is the last day of classes for students in Boston public schools. Tomorrow marks the start of Shopping Mall Avoidance Season.