More from Myrtle the Turtle

SFC: Yeah, she’s no shrinking violet, no cutesy Disney. Not to put down Disney, but there’s none of that “Hi, look at me!” with her. She’s got sort of a tough–girl attitude. If she were a person, I think she’d smoke.

MRB: It’s funny, she’s been around so long. I saw her as a kid, and now I’m bringing my nieces and nephews. How many generations do you think she’ll be around?

SFC: Every now and then we’ll have that “Let’s prepare ourselves” conversation, because she can’t last forever. But I have this feeling that she’s going to be here after me, so I don’t have that worry like it’s any day now, because she’s so hearty and real. She’s like a rock. She’s just such a constant in that tank. Fish have rotated in and out and in and out, but there’s always Myrtle. I’m telling you, when she goes, we’re going to have to put some sort of plaque up.