One Perfect Meal: Blue Ribbon BBQ

When we’re too lazy to spend six hours minding a smoker, Blue Ribbon takeout satisfies our cravings for ’cue. 908 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington, 781-648-7427; 1375 Washington St., West Newton, 617-332-2583;

•    A jar of sweet, lemony iced tea, $1.19

•    Duo platter of North Carolina pulled pork and Kansas City burnt ends with black-eyed corn, coleslaw, and cornbread, $14.99

•    1/2 pint of homemade pickles, $2.49

•    A slice of tangy Key lime pie with whipped cream, $3.49

Total + 7% meals tax: $23.71

  • Mike

    …you dang right it’s perfect! Best BBQ money can buy…and you don’t have to put up with too many Texans!

  • Ben

    If you look for uber-over-salted & >75%-fatty meats, this is your place… If you look for flavor, quality & genuine BBQ, go somewhere else.