• Dan

    One fact conveniently overlooked in this puff piece is that Ryan in February claimed: “There are TWO (emphasis added) plausible public service options for the BPL’s neighborhood branches in FY11: hours reduction and consolidation/closing.” While her bias in favor of one of those options has always been clear, it should be noted that library patrons expressing themselves in public forums have overwhelmingly preferred the other.

  • Sheri

    Amy Ryan brings outstanding vision and organizational skills. Focusing on “nice” does not do her justice. Running a library system for Hennepin County, Minneapolis and Boston takes CEO acumen.

  • Norah

    ” Ryan says she was drawn to Boston by the BPL’s nearly unparalleled resources and collections…” Yet 190,000 books are to be removed from the Copley collection under her plan. Mr. Rudman says Bostonians are swimming in a sea of nracissism” And Amy Ryan is here to kick our collective butts as a “change agent”? What? By deforming a great institution and turning the BPL into a cross between an Internet Café and the Bookmobile? That ought to teach us! Athens indeed. How mighty are the fallen. I wish Ms.Sweeney had quoted some of Ms. Ryan’s “visions” as posted at the bpl.org site. Ryan’s own words are pretty wacky.

  • Nd

    how is it that the Mayor could find $10.3 million dollars for a failed development project – high end condos in the theater district, that eventually went bankrupt, but still not find 3 million dollars to invest in our city and our youth? We need more barnches, more librarians and more services not more “online” innovations.

  • Jean

    You must not have spoken to anyone who has to work with her. She pretends to be nice, but is a horrible, nasty, arrogant person. She’ll pretend she cares for your opinion, but if it’s not what she wants to hear, you’re in deep trouble. We were glad to see her go.