Testing… Zyrra Custom Bras

Falling straps, poking underwires, pinching push-ups — I’m perfectly average in the size department, but that hasn’t stopped me from finding the usual frustrations with my underthings. I’m not the only lady to lament the sorry state of her lingerie. Six years ago, Christi Andersen was a busty Babson grad student whose bad luck with bras inspired her to start Zyrra, a company that crafts custom-fitted versions for women of all sizes. Now the Boston-based startup books 10-minute house calls. When Anne Girian, the Zyrra sales manager who visited my home, showed me the company’s patented measuring device, I couldn’t help but laugh. The contraption precisely captures my feelings about bras: It looks like a straitjacket. But four weeks later I was delighted by the lacy white number that landed in my mailbox. It’s not the most glamorous thing (too heavy-duty for these teacup breasts), and I’m not sure about the pointy silhouette. One thing is certain, though: It is the comfiest, best-fitting bra I’ve ever worn.

$85; zyrra.com

  • Emily

    Gotta have it undies! Very comfortable and convenient for daily use. These are high quality products and also available in awesome student savings deal online!

  • Mary

    Hi Emily, I got this bra from a student savings deal online! The link you gave routed me to another site. But, thanks though for giving me a hint.