Top of Mind: Ken Casey

Dropkick Murphys frontman, publican, philanthropist, lucky bastard, 41, Hingham

We’d like to play the Garden, but City Hall doesn’t seem fit to give us the permit. They gave it to Green Day, but not us. Obviously I’m not kissing the right asses.

I think having kids keeps you younger…. You’re out playing street hockey with all the five-year-olds, and it brings you back to doing stuff you haven’t done in a long time. We’ll see when they hit their teens if I’m still saying the same thing.

Maybe we do 100 shows now, whereas we used to do 200-plus before. So I consider our schedule scaled back.

We’re fortunate we make a living through touring, because a lot of bands didn’t and tried to live off CD sales. The way the music business is changing, it’s good we can have it both ways.

How does a small state like Massachusetts and a fairly small city like Boston spread people who have such an impact all over the world? I’m in L.A., and our backstage looks like a Boston backstage. The guest list is out of control. There might be 100 to 200 people backstage and 50 of them know one another.

I stick with the coffee these days. I get in a lot less trouble.