Top of Mind: Ophelia Dahl

Partners in Health Executive Director, Wellesley Grad, Daughter of Roald Dahl and Patricia Neal, 46, Cambridge

Things in Haiti are still really bad. Hundreds of thousands of people still aren’t housed. The rainy season started early, so it’s mud up to here; there’ll be mudslides and other terrible things. After a disaster people think, "Okay, now it’s finished and we can rebuild." But the work is only just beginning.

Even five bucks is helpful. Five bucks begins the partnership.

Our core philosophy involves the concept of accompaniment. When we’re in Haiti, we’re accompanied by Haitians. And we accompany the Haitians. And our supporters accompany us.

It’s like anything in life: You don’t expect to go through it alone.

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  • Christian

    PIH has also has committed themselves to solar powering all their clinics in Haiti: see

    Brilliant, as always!