Fresh Faces

The perfect nose. The perkiest breasts. For more and more teens, achieving the ideal look means scheduling time under the plastic surgeon's knife.

It doesn’t make much sense to Kristin either. But while her mother says she would be shocked by a high school student having a breast augmentation, Kristin seems nonplused. “At my school, it doesn’t happen enough for people not to be surprised,” she says. “But it wouldn’t be like ‘Oh my God!'” Cosmetic procedures have simply become part of the culture, something she says her friends all talk about briefly before moving on to the next topic.

Kristin’s mother admits she knows at least one parent who would let her own daughter get much-desired bigger breasts. And May says that although the media reports may be exaggerated, all the fuss does represent a fear that soon kids will be planning their dream bodies at an alarmingly young age.

Asked if she would consider having additional cosmetic procedures, Kristin nods enthusiastically. “Yeah, definitely,” she says. She says there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel better about yourself. “I’m not going out searching for things to do, but if there was something I wanted to change, wanted to be different, I would do it.”